Sunday: Seven month round-up [November 20-December 19]

Ok, so I’m going to try and marathon through the next three months, at least before she hits the 10 month mark! Sorry baby girl, your sibling is already affecting my ability to give all my attention to you! Hopefully you guys end up best friends so you won’t hold it against him/her!


7 months and you’ve become such a mover. You can sit on your own (although once in a while you still forget and end up bonking your head…), and you can move can scoot, pivot, and roll in every direction but forward. Seriously, it’s hilarious. If there’s an item I don’t want you to get, I just put directly in front of you haha. So no crawling yet, but lots and lots of moving around…it just takes you a while to get wherever you want to go.

You seriously have so much personality. Always smiling, and always always always sticking your tongue out. I know I should be used to it, because you’ve been doing it since since birth, but seriously your little tongue sticking out is one my favourite of your little quirks.


You are so fun to watch play right now. You’re so curious and into every thing. It’s sad/cute to watch when your toys roll out of arms reach and I can see your little brain start to plan how you’re going to roll over to get it again. Usually if you squawk enough I take pity and move it back over to you…but not till you’ve struggled a little, because somehow you’ve got to be motivated to crawl!

Daddy took these pictures of you one night after bath time (which you love btw). Right now we don’t have a tub in our apartment, so you’re still in the little infant tub. This month you’ve learned the joy of splashing, which means whoever is bathing you and the kitchen ends up completely soaked by the end of your bath. I’d be mad about it- except you’re so stinking cute playing in the water.


And of course, I’m still obsessed with how cute you are while you sleep. You seriously just have the most perfect little face and I can’t get over it.

It’s been so fun this month to watch your fascination with all things Christmas. I mean, I know you don’t actually have a clue what’s going on- but you’re certainly not mad about the appearance of a sparkling tree in the living room. I’m kinda grateful you’re not crawling yet, because its pretty easy to keep all the dangerous things out of your mouth right now. That said, you usually roll and find your way over to the tree eventually- but what can I expect, those shiny objects are just too much for one little baby to resist.


Your little personality comes out so much more every single month. You are such a happy baby. We love hanging out with you as a little family each night and finding what makes you smile. You love it anytime we make silly voices and faces- or scare you haha (imagine peek a boo with scary voices). You immediately smile at anyone who makes eye contact with you. We seriously lucked out with your happy little personality.

We love you so much baby girl. You make this Christmas season so much more magical. Happy 7 months!

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