Holiday Roundup//2016

Ok, so I’m two months late on this. But hey, better late than never. This Christmas season was special for so many reasons, mainly because it was Sunday’s first. I had all sorts of really great plans to make it so special, and to do every possible holiday activity with a baby possible. However, finding out that we were pregnant at the beginning of December drastically changed those plans. I was feeling sick/exhausted just in time for all the festivities. So instead of being a Christmas-award-winning mom…I’m kinda grateful Sunday won’t remember this Christmas and how lame I was haha.


All that said, we still did celebrate and have a wonderful holiday season. Here are some of our favourite memories:

1.Sunday’s first Christmas being on a Sunday

In future years, this will probably be really difficult with children, but since Sunday was blissfully unaware that Christmas is different than any other day, I really enjoyed having Christmas on a Sunday. Our Christmas morning was very different from ‘normal’ years. We woke up and went to church, before even looking at gifts. I appreciated the chance to sing Christmas songs and be reminded of what we are truly celebrating, first thing on Christmas morning. Also, it gave us an excuse to dress-up and take a nice Christmas picture as a family 😉 . Tanner’s mom even made Sunday and I special coordinating Christmas dresses.

2. Being together with the whole Smith family


I know my whole family was together for Christmas in 2014, but since then 2 in-laws and a grandchild has joined the clan. My brother’s wife Kenia has been waiting months for her green-card (she couldn’t leave the states until she had it), so we’ve all been saying prayers that she would get in time for them to come home for Christmas. Only a few days before they were supposed come, she had a meeting with an immigration official who approved her green-card and gave her a temporary visa so she could travel during the holidays. It was a small miracle, but it made it that much more exciting for everyone to be together. (I’m sad we didn’t actually take a picture of all of us together…but here’s a pic of the day I spent snowboarding with my cute two-youngest seesters.)

3.Watching Sunday marvel over everything shiny


Ok, I may not have been able to bake every cookie or complete every craft I wanted to this holiday season, but luckily Sunday is just a baby who was seriously entertained by Christmas ornaments and twinkling lights. It was so funny to watch her inspect all the shiny items that come with Christmas. She was at the perfect age- she couldn’t crawl and get into too much trouble, but she could play be interested in all the ornaments/lights. Truly, Christmas was more special experiencing it through the eyes of a baby.

4. Sharing the news with our families that we are expecting

Needles to say, no one in our family was expecting us to deliver this news. So it was extra fun to surprise everyone with this little picture of Sunday:


We told the Sherwoods on the 23rd, and the Smiths on the 24th. Everyone was shocked, and very excited for us. We felt relieved the secret was out, and I could finally tell everyone why I was being such a downer about Christmas activities.

5. First Christmas as a family of three


We love our families, and consider it a real blessing that we get to live near both of them. But, there were a lot of moments this season that just made me stop and think about how blessed our little family of 3 (almost 4) is. Sunday is a little ray of sunshine in our lives, and shopping for her and planning her first Christmas was so special. It truly marked the first Christmas where Tanner and I are definitely no longer a part of the ‘kid crowd’, because now we’re in charge of making Christmas special for someone else. Honestly, being on this side of it is so much better. It made us so excited for the days when Sunday will actually care about the holidays haha. However, whether she’ll remember it or not, this year was extra magical for Tanner and I.

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