Sunday: Eight month round-up [December 20-January 19]


You’re eighth month of life was a crazy one. To kick it off you had your first Christmas and New Years! We spent about 5 days at your Grandma and Grandpa Smith’s house with all of your Smith aunts and uncles. They loved playing with you and watching you squeal in delight over the dogs. They also finally understood why we call you our baby dinosaur, since you screech more than coo. It’s hilarious, and adorable.

You were kinda a party-pooper though. You didn’t really understand that there was anything special about the day, so you were ready for bed by 7 pm. This meant we didn’t take any special PJ pictures, or you didn’t get to be there to announce to the family you were expecting a baby sibling. Oh well, maybe next year you’ll care haha.


Christmas morning you got up early (like every other morning), and daddy took you down to play by the tree while you guys let mommy sleep. Daddy told me this was his favourite part of the day, just getting some special one-on-one time with his little girl. Also, he snapped some cute pictures of you playing.


That morning we went to church. Your Grandma Sherwood sewed special Christmas dresses for you and I. So we made sure to snap a picture before changing back into our PJs for present opening. Unfortunately, church totally wiped you out, so you took a nap during the majority of the unwrapping. You go totally spoiled however, a little by mommy and daddy, and a lot by your grandma and aunties.


The day after Christmas we thought it would be fun to all go snowshoeing together. We’ve taken you hiking lots, so we figured if we bundled you enough it would be fine! We had been snowshoeing on these trails before, and no-one could remember the trail being that long, so your dad and I decided to leave the diaper bag in the car. The first half of the snowshoe went great. Generally, we hike out to a little cabin, take a break, and then come back to the parking lot. There is a short cut from the cabin to the parking lot, so we knew once we got to the cabin, we were close to the end. However, once we were almost to the cabin (after about an hour of hiking) we ran into another group of snowshoers, who told us the shortcut was closed and we needed to turn around. Your dad and I panicked a little bit because you had just woken up from napping, and at some point during the hike you had lost your soother, ie. we literally had nothing to offer you comfort with. At this point it was almost dark and we had planned on only 20 more minutes of hiking, not another hour to turn around and go back the way we came. Your dad and I decided to turn around immediately and go as fast as we could, while the rest of the family kept going to the cabin. About 30 minutes later, you started to cry. It was so sad, and your dad and I felt like the worst parents on the planet. We got you back to the car and once you had a toy to play with you were immediately happy. That made me feel a little better because at least you hadn’t been cold/hungry/suffering, just bored. The worst part was that everyone else made it back to the parking lot 30 min. before us, because the short cut wasn’t closed and the people that told us to turn around must have been confused. We learned our lesson however, never go into the wild without a back up soother. At least we got some cute pictures…


Once we got home from the Smith’s our holidays were pretty chill. For New Years, we put you to bed at a normal time, and then we went to bed by 10:30. We just couldn’t justify staying up when you get up at the same time every morning anyways. Also, you had finally started teething, so you weren’t sleeping super awesome. However, we did get some good family time in before daddy went back to work.

Right after the holidays, our landlords started renovations on our bathroom (we were finally getting a tub!!), so we spent the next two weeks bouncing between your grandparents’ Smiths and Sherwoods house. They loved having you around…

Unfortunately the combination of new environments, teething, and a nasty fever/cold made it so you didn’t sleep very well the whole time we were away from home. When you were sick, your dad and I basically took turns holding you all night so you could sleep (you could only breath sitting up). By the time we got home, we were desperate to sleep as well. We finally did some ‘sleep training’ and after a couple of nights, you were going to bed at the same time every night and only waking up once in the night. Our lives have been a million times better ever since…


You also started swimming lessons this month- which is the cutest thing ever! Our first time at swim lessons your Grandma Sherwood came and played paparazzi, and snagged some cute pictures of you swimming. You are the loudest and most active baby in the class- squealing constantly and always splashing. You also do really well getting dunked- and generally barely even react! AND…you are THE cutest thing in the world in your little swimsuit.

I know I say this every month- but your personality just grows so much each month! Your daddy and I are amazed at how each month our love grows for you so much, and we feel like we know you so much better. I think I’ve reached my loving-Sunday-capacity, and then somehow you make our hearts grow just a little more!

Happy 8 months my little dinosaur. We love every inch of you.




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