Sunday: Nine month round-up [January 20- February 19]


Nine months! It’s appropriate that you hit this age in February the looooooove month, because I am just loving this stage/age you’re at right now. You’re little personality is just growing day by day- and I just love the little person you’re becoming. You are THE happiest baby ever. All anyone has to do to get a smile is catch your eye. The other day it seriously took me twice as long to get through the grocery store because you would smile at every single person we passed, and then I would just have to stop and talk with each person about adorable and happy you are, such a burden 😉 . You are seriously my little ray of sunshine during the winter months.


I feel like this month you’ve become noticeably a ‘big baby’ (although you’ve been in the 70-80% percentile since about 4 months old), people are always guessing you are around a year old (which you fit into 12 month clothing), and I have to explain you’re just big for your age. You have the most perfect rolls and chunk everywhere. And those cheeks, don’t even get me started on how kissable they are.

This month you are officially on the move! On January 20th you FINALLY figured out how to crawl forward, and haven’t stopped moving since. Within the same week you were pulling yourself up on everything and cruising on furniture. The other night you even kind of took a step- but I think it was mostly on accident to prevent yourself from falling haha. You are so steady standing without holding on to anything, as long as you don’t actually realize you’re standing. Once you realize it, you sit down. This month has officially commenced our baby proofing years- I seriously never realized how treacherous our house is. Also, I’ve decided we will not own anything valuable or breakable until we are done having babies- because you want to get into EVERYTHING. I’d be mad, except that your curiosity is so cute.

I’ve really been appreciating what a blessing it is that I get to stay home with you right now. I know lots of moms that have to go back to work, and I just can’t imagine leaving you. Everyday you do something new/adorable, I love that I get to be there every moment and watch you grow and learn.

Some of your other new tricks this month: smacking your lips, screaming and various other loud noises, clapping your hands, bouncing your body/flapping your arms when you want to be picked up, feeding yourself solids, and growing 3 more teeth!

Sleep training has continued to be AWESOME at night. Although, your naps are another story. You’ve started the transition to one nap a day already. For about a month we had a really great schedule down with two naps; but now some days you skip that nap and take an earlier/longer afternoon nap. Everyone tells me this isn’t supposed to happen until around a year (thanks…that’s really helpful), but I guess you just have too much to learn to have time for napping! Basically, we have no schedule to our days, and when you’re grumpy, you nap haha.

Also since sleep training, I have significantly less sleeping pictures of you, since we put you down awake. Even though I miss sleeping through the night, I’m still grateful for your one night time feed because I do get some snuggles in and often hold you for a little while even after you’re done eating, because you’re little sleeping face is just too precious.

Happy 9 months sweetheart. I treasure every single day with your sweet little face and personality. Thank you for bringing so much happiness into our little home.

^^Taking your monthly pictures is becoming more and more of an adventure haha. At least you’re getting exposed to lots of flowers?



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