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Tanner and I are starting a new adventure this month…although it feels like it’s been a long time coming. We’ve been waiting for that moment when our finances line up and the moment feels right to start looking for a house. We’ve been saving for a while, and with the welcome news of a second baby, we’re ready to start looking!

I’ve been looking online for about six months now, but every time I showed Tanner something I liked, he would kind of glance over and go “uh huh” (ie. I’ll care about what you’re showing me when it actually matters…). Which, is now! We’ve officially started the hunt- and Tanner has gotten the bug and is almost more than eager than I am about looking at listings. It’s fun…it’s scary terrifying…it’s an adventure.

Anyways, for fun, I thought I should preserve what our list of wants/needs are this go-around of house hunting. I’m sure it will change as our family grows and we move into future homes. I think it will be fun to remember what we wanted to get out of our first home, and to see how close we can get! So here we go:


  • 3 bedrooms
  • A mortgage helper suite
  • A yard
  • A dishwasher (ok this isn’t really a need…but it’s such a strong want…it’s basically a need)
  • No major-major renos needed- We’re good with changing cosmetic stuff like cabinets, paint, updating fixtures, etc.. We’re not ready to take on a total fixer-upper that needs walls moved and such.


  • 2 bathrooms on the main floor
  • A garage (we’d settle for a carport)
  • A large yard for kidlets to run around in
  • a 4th bedroom/den to use as an office (although, in our market & price range this is a very distant want)
  • Entrance way storage! (I’m so tired of rentals with no entry way closet…do they expects renters to just not wear shoes or have jackets…or backpacks, don’t even get me started on bag-storage)
  • Nice neighbourhood
  • A homey curb appeal (don’t know how to describe this, I just know it when I see it haha)
  • Brick anything- fireplace/ exterior/ accents…I don’t care…I just kinda have this thing for brick


Ok…so writing this out made our list of wants look super long… but hey the want list is for dreaming right! I’d be happy if we end up 2 or 3 of those. Our first house viewing was an interesting experience. It was 70’s home that had been well kept, but honestly needed a lot of work and updates. I think I was caught up in the moment of finally looking at homes, and impressed that the house was well kept. So I walked out thinking maybe it was an option. Tanner walked out and thought it was an automatic no. We had a nice long talk…during which we both ended up offended at one point and had to say sorry, but we did both agree it wasn’t the house for us. It showed us immediately how emotional and difficult this process is probably going to be…you know unless the perfect house just falls into our laps and we both instantly agree *fingers crossed*.

Anyways, here’s to a new exciting phase of life as homeowners, that is somehow making me feel even more grown-up than becoming a mother did haha.

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