Afternoons with Sunday

Our days together are simple. They usually consist of an unscheduled schedule of eating, playing, and napping. Lately with all the moving you’re doing they also include some crying and cuddling after you have a little bump or fall.

You follow me around constantly. You can be playing contently, and if I slip into another room for even a second, I hear the little patting noise of your hands hitting the floor as you crawl after me. Sometimes I get down on all fours and just wait for you to turn into the doorway, where you great me with a huge grin.

If I’m cooking or attempting to clean, you come and cling to my ankles. You just want to be involved in everything I do. Today, you desperately wanted to be with me while I ate lunch. You had already eaten and I set you free from the highchair to go play. But soon I could feel little fingers grabbing at my back through the chair. You spent the entire time I was eating just standing there smiling up at me.

Sometimes I wish you were a little more independent, I wish I could cook dinner without tripping over you in the kitchen. But I know one day I will miss the days when I was your whole world, and that by simply looking your direction I could make you to break out in a huge, cheesy smile.

Thank you for these simple days Sunday girl. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.


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