Sunday: Ten month round-up [February 20- March 19]


10 months! Double digits…I can’t believe how close we’re getting to that 12 month mark. Some days I look at you and think, holy cow, she’s a little girl! Other days I look at you and think, she’s still my little baby (this usually happens if you happen to fall asleep in my arms haha). You have so much personality baby girl- and you definitely came to this earth with it all on your own. We just love getting to know you better and better every month…

This month is all about MOVEMENT. You’ve been a little speed demon crawling, and this month you figured out walking (which deserves its own blog post haha). But it’s pretty much the cutest thing in the world. However, it also means you are into everything (also means you usually have a bump or bruise of some kind). You like to follow me around and do whatever I’m doing, but sometimes you wander off on your own and play by yourself. I love watching you explore and just talk to yourself as you examine everyday items. I wish I could see what is going on in that little brain of yours.


Your daddy is pretty excited that you’re finally able to rough house a little bit (or that mommy finally lets him haha). You are seriously a little adrenaline junky, you’re all giggles and smiles anytime we carry you upside down, twirl with you, or (gently) wrestle with you.


^^Although your daddy tries to reassure me that we have some similarities, I can see why people are always telling me you look like him. That’s ok, I think daddy is pretty cute 😉

You’re gaining independence in so many ways. You almost entirely self-feed now (you hate it and refuse to open your mouth if I try and feed you with a spoon); you can hold your own bottle, and you can finally put in your own soother (although lots of times it’s upside down…which is adorable). You’re not a snuggly baby AT ALL, so all this independence makes me a little sad, but it’s also so exciting watching you grow and develop new skills.


Since you won’t let me feed you anymore, even the bottle, our snuggle time is pretty much nonexistent (unless you’re sick), therefore I have less and less pictures of you sleeping haha. Of course, if you do happen to fall asleep in my arms I can’t help but take pictures of your sweet angel face. It is really cute how you sleep in your crib though- you usually sleep with your bum in the air, your face crammed into a corner of the crib, and all blankets are thrown aside. It doesn’t look comfortable at all- but you kind of moan and scoot around the crib until you find your spot. You’re so silly.

Sometimes I just look at your little face in awe. I can’t believe that somehow your dad and I created such a perfect little person. You are so happy, curious, and energetic. Just how, are you so stinkin’ perfect?


You’ve also become really loud this month. You’re discovering all sorts of new noises and love experimenting with your little voice. One of my favourite things in the world is to just sit and listen to you babble. Whenever we imitate you, you break out in a huge grin.

The weather continues to be pretty cold and grey- I’m so just excited for summer around the corner. You are such a social baby and love it whenever we leave the house and you can smile and make new friends. I can’t wait to see how much you’re going to love parks and playing in the sun.

Happy 10 months baby Sunday! Stop, but don’t stop, growing and changing.


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