Sunday’s First Steps


On March 10th, 2017 we went to visit your Grandma Smith for the weekend. You had been sick for a couple days leading up to our visit, so your sleep was a little off. We left home at bedtime, hoping we could just transfer you to the crib when we got there. However, in the transfer from the car to the crib you woke up. Normally we’d just put you back to bed, but because you were sick we let you stay up. Your grandma had ordered a new bed, so we decided to all stay up late and help her put it together.

Your dad and I were helping put the bed together, when your auntie Kaila said “um I think she’s walking”…I didn’t even look, I just said “ya, I know, she takes a step then falls down”. Then Kaila responded “no…she’s like actually walking!”

We all turned and there you were with a little determined look on your face walking across the room! You did it several times before getting tired. The next couple days I felt like I was on cloud nine- I swear I’ve never been so proud of something in my life haha. It’s so silly because I know this is a normal step in every baby’s development- but watching you learn how to walk has been so fun.

You practice constantly now- and are getting quite good at picking yourself up when you fall. You steps are so unsure and wobbly- a little bit like a baby Frankenstein. Its so fun to watch this little person just walk around our apartment. Congrats little girl, you’re a walker.



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