The best day of Sunday’s little life so far…


This spring has been brutal. I don’t know if it’s just because this is the first time I’m experiencing this season with a small child or what, but I swear winter is holding on with an iron grip to hang around extra long. For anyone who knows me, they know how much I hate winter, and love love love the sun! I keep having visions of taking Sunday on walks every morning and to the park every afternoon…but every day, even if its slightly sunny, there’s a chill bite to the air that prevents these dreams from coming true. Sure, we’ve started going on walks, but both of us still need to get bundled up and I’m usually in a rush to get home because Sunday’s hands and cheeks are feeling cold.

Last weekend we went to visit Grandma Smith, because Sunday’s Great-Grandparents Beard are in town! Despite the chilly weather, we decided to take Sunday and the puppies to the park for a few minutes so everyone could stretch their legs. When we got there, we put Sunday down and she just took off running! (or at least her little legs’ version of running).

Not only did she run, but she started giggling. and falling. and laughing harder. then getting back up. to start running…and giggling…and falling. It was the.cutest.thing.ever. I guess she’s never really had this much space to practice walking before, and the grass provided a soft landing every time. She ran all over that field for about 45 minutes until it started to rain, and we had to take her kicking and resisting back to the car. It will always be one of my favourite memories of Sunday- the pure joy on her little face and the air filled with her little giggles as she was just allowed to run and be free.



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