Easter weekend// 2017


This past weekend was Sunday’s first Easter. Can I just say I never knew bunny ears could be so stinkin’ cute!? Seriously, holidays are about 1,000,000 times better with a child. Even if that child has no clue why that day is different than all the rest…

My grandparents were visiting from the states, so we went to stay with my mom for the weekend so we could see them/ show off Sunday. On Saturday we took Sunday out to a local tourist stop called The Log Barn that was hosting an Easter egg hunt. I don’t really know how to describe The Log Barn…it has a petting zoo, and a restaurant, and a gift shop…we mostly went to take cute pictures of Sunday.


Sunday didn’t care much for the actually hunting of easter eggs (and I can’t really blame her considering every time she picked one up we quickly took it away so she wouldn’t choke on it…). But she did have fun watching all the other kids running around, and as usual inspecting the world.


They also had some goats in their petting zoo that I thought Sunday was going to love…but she was kind of indifferent towards them. Apparently she just really loves cats and dogs…and doesn’t automatically love all animals haha.


Honestly I think it was more fun for the adults to watch Sunday interact with the world around her. It must have worn her out too, because when we got home she took a 3 hour nap!

DSC_0167^^ With my mom and sistersDSC_0160DSC_0154DSC_0151DSC_0149DSC_0148^^Who knew a little bridge could be so much entertainment. It’s so fun to watch Sunday approach problems and figure out how to solve them. Her determination to get places is kind of terrifying (from a mother’s perspective), but it’s so cute to watch play out.

DSC_0108DSC_0101DSC_0094DSC_0090^^So excited to have auntie Jenna home from university for the summer!

Easter Sunday was almost as fun as Christmas…maybe even more since Sunday is that much more aware and interactive. I had fun filling her basket with little toys (and chocolate for mommy and daddy). My mom bought her the sweetest little easter dress, that just made it that much more fun to take pictures of our sweet little bunny.

DSC_0179DSC_0181DSC_0184DSC_0185^^Sunday didn’t know what to think when we first put her ears on. I swear she recovered within a matter of seconds…meanwhile this picture with her little lip sticking out might be one of my new favourites….

DSC_0188DSC_0190DSC_0191DSC_0194DSC_0199DSC_0195DSC_0200^^Have I mentioned lately how much I love her little face!? Ok, probably a 1,000 times a day…but seriously, could she be any more precious?

DSC_0215DSC_0221DSC_0222DSC_0217^^ I think she loved the grass in her basket more than any of the toys haha


We took her outside to play around in the grass (thankfully it was a nice day out!). I had put some bubbles in Sunday’s Easter basket and it was so funny to watch her try and figure them out. No matter how much she reached for them, they would always disappear before she could catch them!


Seriously, my baby girl in that little dress is just killing me, I can’t believe how precious she is!


Easter might be one of my new favourite holidays because of its cute-potential haha. But in all seriousness, I am so grateful for this holiday and the opportunity to reflect on our Saviour and all He did for us. My brain, or heart, cannot truly comprehend everything that happened the first Easter weekend, but when I look at my sweet little family and think of the blessings in my life because of His sacrifice, my heart swells and I am so grateful for the knowledge of Him and His love I have in my life.

DSC_0260DSC_0248DSC_0258DSC_0257DSC_0255^^Ahh that cheeseball grin. She kills me.

On Monday we came back home, and decided to go have a picnic on the beach. It was a cold, blustery day, but all bundled up and sitting next the fire, it sure felt nice to get outside. We invited Tanner’s parents and brother and made it family event. Good thing, because it turns out keeping a curious, walking 11-month old away from the fire is pretty exhausting haha.


I probably say this every month, but this stage has got to be one of my favourites. Sunday is so expressive, curious, and interactive. She wants to explore every part of the world around her, which leads to me saving her from near death experiences almost hourly, but it’s also the cutest thing in the world.


^^We love long weekends and when we get to spend extra time with daddy. He’s the best 🙂


^^ Tanner’s mom tried to catch a family picture for us…which thanks to our wiggly, independent child is always a struggle, but appreciated all the same.


Ok, that might have been the longest blog post every dedicated to one holiday- but it’s my blog and I’ll over post if I want to 😉 . I just seriously love Sunday’s facial expressions in every picture, it’s hard to pick just one! Thanks digital photography for enabling my addiction to pictures of my child…


Happy Easter everyone!

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