Sunday: Eleven month round-up [March 20-April 19]


When I started this whole “monthly pictures” thing, I used to imagine all 12 pictures lined up next to each other on your one-year birthday. In my imagination, you would be lying in almost the exact same position each month, so one could observe how much you had grown and changed each month. However, the reality is you almost never, ever, ever lay down or sit still- so clearly the above mentioned scenario is impossible. Luckily I love these pictures even more. They represent who you are each month- you are a curious little mover, and I love it so much.


I keep joking this month that you are a “strong, independent woman”, because now that you can walk, you want to do everything yourself. You no longer let us feed you- you will only eat things you can feed yourself. You’ve self-weaned off the soother. My theory is you looked around, realized that no one else had those things in their mouths, and decided you didn’t need one either. When I go to the store, you wriggle and try and get down. You even hate the carseat as we run errands…I swear your one goal in life is to run and be free.

And yet, there are moments, particularly when you’re sleeping, I remember that you’re still a tiny baby. This month was a rough one sleep-wise. You got a cold at the beginning of the month that really threw off your sleep. You would wake up every night from 12-2 and just need snuggles. Which was fine, until you got feeling better and you decided you liked getting up from 12-2 and wanted to play. So then we had to sleep train again, and just let you cry instead of playing. Which resulted in about 2 weeks of fighting you and letting you cry for an hour in the middle of the night (fun for everyone…). THEN you got sick again, so we were back at square one, snuggling every night. However, I think you’re finally back to your normal routine, and everyone is happier for it.

You’ve continued to show a deep love for animals. When we’re at the Sherwood’s house, you chase the kitty around and around the house. When we’re at the Smith’s house, we can’t keep you and Ollie away from each other. You flap your arms and are instantly happier anytime we see dog or cat. Unfortunately for mommy and daddy I think this means pet ownership is in our future…

The weather has continued to be terrible this month (where are you spring?!), but we’ve started going to parks and you love it! You love to climb (already), love going down slides, and love, love, love the swings! You definitely are a little thrill seeker.

IMG_0812 (1)IMG_0792IMG_0791IMG_0790IMG_0752IMG_0751

When we’re at home you are CONSTANTLY on the move. It’s so cute to just watch you waddle around the house exploring every inch of every thing. Right now your favourite place to explore is the tupperware cupboard. You wander back and forth between the cupboard and the rest of the house continually all day, picking out new treasures to carry around. Every night after you go to bed I collect random containers and lids that have been strewn throughout the house. Actually, usually our floor is just littered with little treasures you’ve found throughout the day- books, remotes, clothing out of laundry baskets, anything in drawers or cupboards that you can reach, and toys. I’d be mad- except it’s so darn cute to watch you explore and show curiosity in every little thing. Also this means you usually have some sort of bruise or scrape on your forehead- learning to move is rough!


I know, I know, I say this every month- but holy cow you’ve got so much personality. You love to rough house and be tickled. You love to catch people’s eye and give them the biggest cheeseball smile. Your favourite part of the day is when daddy comes homes. You hate snuggling (unless your sick), but you regularly crawl in mommy’s lap for a few seconds just to check in. You’re terrified of the vacuum, the exercise ball, and ever since mommy set off the smoke alarm while cooking a few weeks ago, you eye it suspiciously every time you have to walk under it.

You haven’t officially said any words yet, but you sure you know how to communicate. You babble constantly- sometimes at a full volume yell and sometimes just whispering under your breath- but always adorable. You flap your arms and bounce to communicate you want something (to be put down, picked up, out of your high chair, food, mommy’s phone, etc.). You clap for yourself when you do something and shout “ayyyyyyyyy” (yay?), and you hold phones up to your ear and say “iiiiiiii” (hi?). You yell dadadadada, at everything, so I have feeling the word ‘dada’ is going to come before ‘mama’.


You’ve become a great imitator this month. While I get ready in the morning you just sit and watch me. If I hand you a make-up brush you rub it all over your face, if I hand you a comb you’ll rub it all over your head. When we’re watching TV and an audience claps, you turn and start clapping. At church if the congregation laughs, you start laughing. You want to eat what we’re eating for dinner. Basically, anything the grown-ups are doing, you want to do too.

You love to be chased. When daddy comes home, he’ll start to chase you and say “I’m going to get you”….you get the biggest grin and run away giggling. He’ll grab you and tickle you, and when he puts you down and walks away, you follow after him until he turns around. Then you start running and giggling, just begging to be chased after.

You love books, particularly flipping the pages and flaps, you don’t care so much about the story haha. You love to pick up two toys and then wander around the house banging them together. You’ve starting pick up on when you’re not allowed to do something- and when we catch you, you give us the biggest grin possible. It’s hard to get too mad at you.

Due to your size, your 8 teeth, and the fact that you’re walking already, people always think you’re older than you are. I like to think you’re actually just a super-baby, although I know that just every baby develops differently. However, I just love this fun stage you’re in. You have so much energy and learn so much in a day- it’s inspiring to us old, tired grown-ups haha.

IMG_0843You seriously just love being free. A few times when we go to the park, we end up wandering around in a field nearby. You’re not scared at all to wander away from us, babbling and exploring. You love to run. When you’re legs start going fast, you hold your arms up above your head, almost as if your legs have a mind of their own and you’re just preparing to catch yourself when you fall.

IMG_0770I never want you to grow-up; but also love watching you change and learn. You had a sleepover for one night at Grandma Sherwood’s house- and your dad and I just talked about how much we missed you the whole time. Our house was so quiet and our lives felt so empty without you. We love baby girl- you are our whole world.




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