We bought a house!


So about a month and a half ago we found our house! The story is crazy, and we really didn’t know until the last possible second if everything was going to fall through or not… but isn’t that how it seems to always go with these things? Luckily, it all worked out and the paperwork has been signed!

We don’t actually get possession of the house until July 1st (about 6 weeks before my due date with baby #2…so that should be fun…). I guess because we don’t officially own the house yet I’ve been hesitant to say anything…buuuut since we’re starting to pack little by little, and no one has shown up on our doorstep to tell us it’s all a joke, I guess I can make an official announcement!

Anyways, I feel weird posting pictures of the house when someone else still lives there, but I promise to share the whole story and all the gory details of our first little home soon. Then you can all see how well it lived it up to our need/want list…Let’s just say one thing…I am SO excited to have our own yard for Sunday to run around in!

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