Sunday’s 1st room


With the news that we’re moving, I figured I should probably document Sunday’s first room before I start putting everything into boxes.

This little room will always be special to me. I remember walking past it on the way to bathroom in the middle of the night when I was pregnant with Sunday. I was so nervous/excited to walk past one day and see a little baby laying there in the crib. Now I walk past to see her tearing apart her closet, emptying drawers, or (once in a while) sweetly reading books to herself. It’s hard to remember a time before she filled every corner of our home, but this room will always take me back to those months of preparing and nesting, just waiting for the day when we would meet our baby girl.


I remember people asking before my baby shower what my theme was for our nursery. Honestly, the only theme I went with was “pink and yellow”. I just wanted it to be this happy, colourful place for our little girl. It’s weird how that colour-palatte just stuck with me, but it totally matches Sunday’s personality. She is our bubbly, ray of sunshine. Now with this next baby I have a whole now colour-scheme in mind…it will be interesting to see if it matches her personality too…


I love that so much of this room is full of things that mean something to me. I found this fabric at a local quilt shop and loved it. I had every intention of making them myself…but then Sunday arrived and it never quite happened. Luckily my mom stepped in and saved the day, and my sanity (Sunday didn’t nap very well until we installed the curtains and she had a dark place to sleep) and made these blackout curtains for us. I still love the colourful pattern.


^^One of my very best friends has an etsy shop, and I was so excited to order her baby girl drawing. I love knowing this item was handmade by some one who means so much to me.


^^I found this dresser at the local Salvation army, and loved all the little details on it. I sanded it down and painted it (while 8 months pregnant) for Sunday’s room. If you look at closely it’s full of imperfections, but I love knowing I prepped it just for our little girl (and can’t get too mad when it gets bumped and abused in a kid’s room).


^^Again my mom stepped in with her sewing skills and made this quilt for Sunday. We picked out all the fabric, and she made all my Pinterest dreams come true with the pattern. I love tucking Sunday in at night under it, and I love that one day I can tell her that her grandma made this special blanket just for her.

We’ve made so many special memories in this room. One of my favourites occurred right after I bought this rug (she was probably a couple months old). That night Tanner just laid down on the carpet with her and they sat and babbled with each other. We turned the lights down low and just sat there talking with, and admiring, our baby girl. Since then playing with her, all three of us, in her room is one of our favourite ways to spend time together in the evenings.

I seriously can’t believe it’s almost been a year since Sunday joined our family. This room holds so many special memories (and a few memories of me desperately begging her to sleep…). I will be so sad to leave Sunday’s first home, but also so excited to build a home for her in our very own house. You truly are our little sunshine child Sunday, I’ll do my best to make sure your surroundings always match your bright personality.




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