Sunday: Twelve month round-up [April 20-May 19]



I think I’m still in denial that we hit the 12 month milestone last week…so instead of acknowledging that this is our last monthly update and all the feelings that come with that… I’m just going to pretend it’s like any other month and ramble about all the brilliant things Sunday has done this month, k? k!


Because you’re walking and so active, my mom keeps telling me I officially have a toddler. Although I’m in denial and still see you as a baby, I know she’s right. Compared to younger babies, your such a….kid! I still can’t believe how grown up you seem. This month (like every other month) your personality has just become more apparent. You are so independent, and so so so curious!

You’re seriously always getting into the funniest situations. You waddle around all day, babbling, exploring different objects and places. If it’s been quiet for a few seconds, I get nervous and look for you. Usually you’re in some sort of nook or cranny you haven’t previously explored, or chewing on some object I have to quickly grab out of your mouth. Sometimes you get mad at me, sometimes you just move on to finding something else to play with.

^^You wandered into my room one day (which is never good because you love to try and chew on our phone chargers) and I came running in to find that you had climbed into the laundry basket all on your own. Over the next couple of days this became one of your favourite places to disappear to.

^^Another day I was washing the dishes when I realized I hadn’t heard you in a while, I turned around to find you quietly sitting IN your toy box, reading yourself a story. Again, for the next couple days we would find you just perched in your toy box entertaining yourself in one form or another.

I don’t know what it is about these pictures that Grandma Sherwood took of you, but I think you look so grown-up! You’re like actually a little toddler…which is so cute but breaks my heart at the same time! Also your little bum in those jeans just kills me…


Your dad and I were talking the other day about how much more work it is to ‘do things’ with a baby in tow (I know, I know…just wait until we have two babies…) BUT we also talked about much more fun things are with you in tow. We love family outings, there’s just really no better way to spend our days.


^^Our little hiking buddy


We had the chance to go down to Vancouver for daddy’s cousin’s wedding this month. It was so fun to show you off to family (many had never met you or hadn’t seen you since you were a newborn). It was an exhausting weekend, running from place to place. We learned a lot about your personality that weekend…like that no matter how exhausted you are, if there’s an opportunity to be social vs. take a nap… you will choose being social. You love to a part of the party, and you can function on very little sleep haha. However, we learned you are a much happier baby if we force you to take time away from being the life of the party and take a nap. We just know for sure you’re definitely NOT one of those babies that can just take a nap in a public place, or will fall asleep when they need to.

Have you gotten the vibe yet that you’re a social baby? haha Seriously everywhere we go, you’re out to make friends. Going to the park is hilarious with you, you’ll find a kid and follow them around. You’ll walk up to large groups of people and steal their ball, or start babbling with strangers. It’s just built into your nature to love connecting with people.

^^ You and daddy playing your favourite game…”i’m gonna getcha”. Seriously the amount of giggles that come from this game are the best.

Other things you’re doing this month:

  • your favourite place to hang out is in the window, waving and screeching at anything that moves outside (birds, cars, passerbys, leaves in the wind…)
  • going to the playground
  • pushing your highchair around the apartment
  • climbing to sit onto your ride-along lion
  • licking the window (so strange….)
  • waving hello and goodbye
  • we’re officially counting ‘Hi’ as your first word- you say it when you hold our cell phones (or things that look like cell phones, i.e. remotes, toys, etc.) up to your ear, when you see yourself in the mirror, when you see another baby, or when you want our attention haha
  • imitating everything: when I put lotion on you, you’ll rub your hands all over your body; when I wash my hands you’ll stand at my feet and rub your hands together, you’ll rub your comb all over your hair, etc.
  • playing with mommy’s hair
  • reading stories to yourself


^^Another favourite activity, watching us while we shower haha. You sit there and play peek-a-boo with the shower curtain, and kill yourself laughing. You’re such a funny baby

It makes me sad to think of how many sleeping pictures I used to take of you. But like I mentioned, you will (usually) only sleep in a dark place with zero distractions…so the opportunities to take your picture sleeping is pretty limited. Somedays I really wish you slept through the night, but most days I’m grateful I still get a few moments to hold your sweet sleeping body close to mine.

We’re so lucky to live close to family. I’ve been working about one day a week for a little over a month now, but luckily rather than worrying about finding childcare for you, it just means you get special bonding time with your grandmas. I’m so grateful that I know your spending your days with someone who loves you and cherishes you, and will take millions of pictures of your cuteness lol.


^^Following daddy’s footsteps and ‘working’ for the family business.


You are so happy anytime you wake up from sleeping…it’s honestly one of my favourite parts of the day haha. Morning or after naps, you just sit up in your crib and start babbling. Then when we walk in you start laughing and clapping. You’re seriously one of the happiest babies I’ve ever known.


I can’t believe how crazy fast 12 months has gone by. I cherish every moment I get to be your momma my sweet baby girl. Happy 12 months!



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