Sunday’s Home Videos: Year One



I can’t believe my baby has been one for two weeks already! During Sunday’s birthday weekend Tanner and I both came down with the nastiest cold of all time. Unfortunately it has stuck around and I’m still working on beating it. As a result, I’ve been slow getting around to sorting through Sunday’s birthday pictures. And as ridiculous as it is…it may take me 3-4 blog posts to get through all the pictures we took that weekend haha. While Tanner kept teasing me that there is no possible way I can make as big of a deal out each of Sunday’s birthdays (or each of our other future kids’ birthdays)…this is my first baby’s first birthday- so I’m just going to embrace my first-time-momness for all it is…and I’m sure one day I’ll look back and admire how much effort went into celebrating our little girl haha.


For Sunday’s birthday I compiled a video of all her home videos from this past year. We’ve had a shared photo stream with all of our extended family, so it was fun to pull all the videos everyone has shared over the year together, and then share that video with them at her birthday party. So for now I’ll just post that video. It’s almost 15 minutes long, so I don’t actually expect anyone other than her grandmas and I to ever watch it all the way through…but maybe someday Sunday you’ll find it and enjoy watching the milestones of your first year. If you don’t know it (and you better!)- you are one loved girl!



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