Sunday’s ACTUAL 1st birthday-day


We pretty much celebrated Sunday’s birthday all weekend long, which actually made her birthday-day pretty chill. We woke up, went to our nursery rhyme play group (where they sang happy birthday to her…and she LOVED being the centre of attention for a minute haha), and then came home for her normal nap.

After nap time we went to the local wildlife zoo with Grandma Sherwood. Sunday likes the animals, but she mostly likes the awesome playground they have. She was being so cute with the little tunnels they have built in- she probably could have spent all day walking through those.


They also have a splash park, and they just happened to be testing the system while we were there. I was completely unprepared for Sunday to get all wet…but it was her birthday! Who was I to deny her the pleasure of discovering a splash park for the very first time?


She was so funny with the water. She was cautious at first, only sticking her hand in a little at a time, but soon adjusted and just stood right under the water haha. It was pretty fun to watch her get so excited over the water…and it made me excited for this summer! Our town has lots of little splash parks everywhere, I can’t wait to explore them with Sunday.


When we came home, Tanner and I gave Sunday her main gift- this giant chair!

I had looked high and low for a little foam chair for Sunday. But all the ones I could find locally were covered in cartoon characters (i.e. ugly) and looked like she would outgrow them in a week. They all measure 18″ high, so when I ordered this one online, I figured I’d get the next size up. Turns out the next size up is massive and Tanner and I can sit in the chair comfortably haha. Ah well, I guess this will last Sunday until she’s 15! lol

Luckily she loved it right when she saw it, and climbed all over it. Now she’ll sit and read to herself or play on it (or use it to climb on the couch…) all on her own. I initially got this chair because I was so tired of saving her from hurting herself as she jumps off the couch multiple times a day- I figured this would give her a safe place to sit. Unfortunately it’s still so big that she needs a little bit of help getting down, but she’s learning slowly to slide off feet first. As long as she’s mastered it before baby sister arrives 😉 .


That evening we went over the Sherwoods and had a BBQ in Sunday’s honour. She got spoiled by her grandparents, and after destroying a cupcake, we came home to put her to bed at a normal time. I’m sure in Sunday’s mind it was a normal day- park, food, play, etc.- but I found myself pretty much letting her get away with everything, and attempting to hold her extra close (attempting…since she hates snuggling haha).


I thought it was going to be a crazy emotional day, but I think I only teared up a couple of times haha. In the end, it was a normal day with our crazy, lovable little girl. I was grateful for the chance to reflect on her first year of life, and the joy it is to be her mother. Aaaaand I knew I still had her birthday party to look forward to…


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