Sunday’s cake smash

DSC_1026Ok, I probably should include these pictures with her birthday party…but that would make for the world’s longest blog post…so a separate post it is!

Mostly because although each picture may appear to be identical to the untrained eye…to my superpower mom eyes I can see the slightest difference in each of Sunday’s facial expressions as she was introduced to her first birthday cake. And I believe each micro-expression is important to share…


So it here it is: the story of Sunday’s first birthday cake.


At first she was very cautious, not interested in the slightest at actually eating the cake…


But then the frosting was tested…



and eventually approved of. However, daddy then decided to introduce the interior of the cake and broke the frosting barrier…


and the world ended as we knew it. So mommy swooped in and saved the day…


with a fork.


Apparently our dainty little girl just didn’t want to get her hands dirty. She also never ended up actually eating any cake…it was more just a fun play experiment.


Silly baby. Maybe next year.



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