Sunday’s first birthday party


I had so much fun planning Sunday’s first birthday party. I really wanted to have the party at our little apartment. For some reason it just felt important to make memories in our own little home. So although we had limited space, it was fun to gather our families together to celebrate our little girl.



Sunday got so spoiled by her grandparents/aunts/uncle. Her little face was priceless as she opened up her gifts.


^^ My mom got her this cow that moves on its own, and Sunday absolutely loves it! She’s even figured out how to get to move on her own…kinda haha. But her little face as it rolls around is the best!


^^ Her grandma Sherwood gave Sunday her first doll. I’ve been wondering lately if she’s old enough for a doll, but figured she wouldn’t really know what to do with it. However, when she opened the doll she was was ecstatic! The doll makes kissey noises when you press on her belly, and when Sunday heard that she started giving big open mouth kisses on the doll’s face! It was so cute, since Sunday hasn’t shown any indication that she knows how to give kisses yet haha. Apparently she’s just been saving her kisses for someone special…


^^Her auntie Kaila gave her this cute book with a mirror on the front. As soon as she unwrapped it, Sunday held the mirror up close to her face and said “hi!”. It was positively adorable.


^^There’s a story behind this gift. At my parents’ house, Sunday can reach their spice rack in the pantry. When the door is left open, she’ll sneak in and grab spices and then walk around the house shaking them. It’s so funny to find jars of spices spread throughout the house. My sister Jenna thought of this brilliant gift- she bought spices, emptied them just a little (so they make better shaking noises), and then glued the lids closed, so there’s no chance of spices spilling everywhere. This has definitely been one of her favourite gifts…and she loves carrying around the ladybug basket Jenna put them in like her own little purse haha.


She got so many cute gifts and toys from everyone! The Sherwoods got her a water/sand table, the Smiths got her a slide, her auntie Kaila got her a little wading pool, and her auntie Elise got her a sprinkler toy…so Sunday is ready for her very own yard! I’m probably even more excited than she is that we essentially will have our own splash park haha.


^^ This little face…she just didn’t understand the concept of waiting for her gifts to be taken out of the packages haha.


Sunday loves being the life of the party. It’s so funny how much personality a one-year old can have. Sunday will do anything to make someone laugh, and once you laugh at her, she’ll repeat it over and over again to keep you laughing. This especially true when she has an entire room to entertain. For a while, showing off her belly had the whole room laughing haha.


^^Captured some sweet moments with Grandpa Sherwood. I feel so blessed to live close to both our families. This child is definitely spoiled when it comes to the loving and adoring fans department.


^^Always “helping” mommy haha


^^I suppose this should have been obvious, but a one-year old actually has no clue what to do with a burning candle. Mostly she just wanted to touch it. It was still fun to sing to her and show her the candle from a safe distance haha.


Again, it was so wonderful to be surrounded by the people that love and care for Sunday the most. We all watched her home videos, and then I interviewed everyone about their favourite moments with Sunday this past year (see video below). It was so fun to remember the special memories that everyone listed- I expected there to be lots of overlap, but it was so sweet to hear that everyone had this little moments with her that they cherished.


Have I mentioned yet how much we love being your parents Sunday? You are truly our sunshine child- you bring light and joy into our lives. Although at times we talk about how easy and sleep-filled our lives were before you were born, we also talk about how we didn’t know this much happiness and love before you were born. We are so grateful for the amazing little person you are, and can’t believe we get to call you ours forever! We love you Sunday Adeline…Happy Birthday!






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