Sunday: Round-up of monthly round-ups

Well I finally managed to finish posting all our pictures from Sunday’s first birthday-extravaganza…but I figured I would write one last post paying homage to this past year haha. It has been crazy to reflect how quickly this past year has gone by…parenthood is one wild ride for sure. I’m excited to start this ‘first-year’ journey with another little soul…but also I’m so excited for the milestones and growth that year 2 with Sunday will bring.

Anyways- here’s a giant round-up of all the monthly posts from Sunday’s first year. So fun to watch her grow from just a scrawny little newborn to a chunky toddler!


One Month

IMG_5730Two Months

img_5872Three Months

img_6064Four Months

img_6213Five Months

dsc_0190Six Months

img_0237Seven Months

img_0307Eight Months

DSC_0792Nine Months

DSC_1032Ten Months

DSC_0418Eleven Months

DSC_0672Twelve Months

Dear Sunday,

Man oh man, it was hard to get you to sit still those last few months. Although I was not always the best at posting your pictures punctually, I’m so grateful for this year of pictures. I am still in amazement at how much you’ve changed in one year- and I can’t wait to see the little person you’ll become in the next year. I feel like since you’re birthday you’ve matured a little bit already- you actually do seem a little more like a toddler in my eyes (and it’s so fun!). Happy 1st journey around the sun my sweet girl, I love you so much.

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