Father’s Day// 2017


I can’t believe it’s Tanner’s second Father’s Day (you know…as a father). Someone asked me the other day if Tanner has a favourite stage of parenthood yet (ie. does he like the baby stage or the toddler stage more). At first I wanted to answer that the stage Sunday is at now is probably his favourite- because he loves to wrestle and play with her, but then I remembered every time we see a tiny baby he gets really excited about the tiny, newborn snuggles coming our way this August.

Before we had children Tanner was terrified of children. Literally, when people asked what his greatest fear was, he always answered “small children” (usually because he pictured them being the creepy kind from scary movies). A couple in our church congregation used to think it was really funny to just turn around and put their baby in his lap and watch him act super awkward and stiff… he was less than amused.


The day Sunday was born I was so physically exhausted, for obvious reasons, and could barely get out of bed without excruciating pain because my tailbone had been injured during labour. I remember feeling so helpless as the nurse asked who was going to change her first diaper- it literally took so much effort and pain for me to even roll over or stand up. Tanner had never changed a diaper before…but he just jumped in changed her, got her dressed, and swaddled her like a pro. It must have been some sort of crazy dad-intuition that kicked in, but from the moment he met Sunday he’s never acted stiff or awkward holding her or playing with her, being a father comes so naturally to him.

Watching him just be a father is one of the most beautiful and happy things in my life right now. Sunday loves him so much. She literally freaks out with happiness when she hears the door open around 5 pm and he comes home after work, and lately she cries when he leaves for work (which is both adorable and heartbreaking). He is so patient and loving with her; when I tell him how much I admire how good he is with her, he always answers with a shrug and says “I just love her”.

I am so grateful for the things you do every day to love our daughter, Tanner. Thank you for giving your best self to our family, and loving our girl(s) so fiercely. Happy Father’s Day.


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