Summer Bucket List//2017

The past 3 summers have been stressful for one reason or another- not always necessarily bad things (you know, sibling’s weddings and babies 🙂 ), but stressful nonetheless and at the end of summer we usually look back and think “dang it, we really should have taken some time to do something fun, just our little family”. Not that we don’t love/appreciate spending time with our extended families- just it seems that every summer gets taken over by other people’s plans, which is fine, but then we always end the summer never feeling like we took time to relax and make memories for our family.

This summer- the stress is very real. We’re moving (next week!), we have about 7 weeks until baby #2 joins the family, I’m completing a class for my masters, and of course our extended families have a number of other things going on (which we WANT to be a part of- they just all have to be considered for planning).

The fact of the matter is, we won’t be going on any big trips or crazy vacations this summer (hi newborn and one year old who still doesn’t sleep through the night, also we bought a house soooo #nomoney). However, I still want to have things to look forward to as a family, so a few weeks ago I started making a list in my phone of things I thought we could do this summer that require little or no traveling, are cheap, and can be done with just our little family.


So here’s our big ol bucket list for this summer- we’ll see how many actually get done ;). Here’s to making summer memories!

As a family:

1.Go to the local fair

2. Make popsicles

3. Movie in the park

4. Go to the local wildlife park

5. Go on a picnic

6. Go camping

7. Go to the beach and make sandcastles

8. Go on a day hike

9. Make ice-cream floats

10. Host a bonfire on the beach

11. Make a time capsule

12. Go swimming in a lake (July 6-7)

13. Complete a family service project

14. Go to a waterpark

15. Make homemade ice cream

16. Go to music in the park (July 14)

17. Go to the Kangaroo park

18. Go to the pool

19. Visit a national park

20. Visit the local museum

21. Get water guns and have a water fight

As a couple:

22. Go to a drive-in movie

23. Go bowling

24. Try a new restaurant

25. Go paddle boarding

26. Go stargazing

27. Play mini golf

28. Watch a movie outdoors (July 27)

29. Make s’mores

30. Host a potluck dinner

31. Have someone over for dinner

32. Go on an ice cream/ frozen yogurt date (July 14)

33. Attend a cultural event

34. Complete a puzzle

35. Have a fort & movie night

36. Go geocaching

37. Learn a new card game

With Sunday:

38. Go to the local farmers market (July 29)

39. Feed the ducks

40. Finger paint

41. Go to the splash pad with friends

42. Discover the best parks in our new neighbourhood

43. Go to the library (July 11)

44. Play in sprinklers

Just me:

45. Make homemade pizza

46. Make homemade lemonade

47. Have my sisters over for a sleepover

48. Prepare frozen meals for when baby comes (July 25)

49. Get a pedicure before baby comes

50. Catch up Sunday’s baby book




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