Sunday at One

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot

I have a friend who does yearly photoshoots with her kids, and while she is a professional photographer and I am not, I thought it would be fun to try and make that a tradition with our kids.

Even without amazing photography knowledge, Tanner and I really enjoy getting out and taking pictures for fun. It’s just so easy when we have the world’s cutest model!

Anyways, we took Sunday out to a park near our house and let her run around in this ridiculously lacy outfit (blame the Pinterest…I thought it would be cute). So without further ado, here’s little Sunday at one years old:

^^I know I have a problem… but how do I pick one?! Every little expression is just so adorable

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-17Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-16Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-9

Her happy place is anywhere she can just run and explore

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-4Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-8Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-7Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-6Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-5

Since birth we’ve been trying to figure out Sunday’s hair colour…in some lights it’s blond, in some more brunette, and sometimes it appears to have some red mixed in.

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-43Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-33Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-32Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-34

I know, I know- there are already some of her running around in a field…but I’ve already admitted to having a problem…

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-22Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-23Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-24Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-25Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-26Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-27Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-28Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-29

^^Her joy while playing is contagious. Our home is filled with laughter thanks to this sweet little spirit.

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-30Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-31Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-19Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-20Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-21

^^ Her little scrunched nose in the sun is too cute

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-37Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-39Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-38Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-2Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-42

^^Silly little monkey trying to get the camera

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-41

^^Always with the tongue out- she’s been doing that since she was just a couple of months old

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-35

My favourite pictures from the day, check out those lashes!

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-36

Sunday, at one years old you are absolutely perfect. We love your kissable cheeks, your button nose, and joyful little smile. You are so outgoing, curious, and joyful. You love to laugh, and love to make other people laugh. You love your family (particularly your grandmas) and have everyone wrapped around your finger! You are our sunshine, my sweet little Sunday.

Sunday's 1 year photoshoot-3




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