Our second home// The Igloo

Well the time has come for us to move again. It’s a bittersweet process since this home holds a lot of special memories for us, but we’re also so excited for the new adventure of home ownership. So for my own nostalgia’s sake, and for the sake of record keeping I thought I’d share a little tour of our second home, Sunday’s first, and also some things we will miss, as well as some things we won’t miss, as we move.

First up- the tour.

The entrance way:


The family room:


^^ When we first moved in I thought it was so funny how narrow this room is, and how massive our TV is (it was a hand-me down, so we didn’t really pick the size). Now I’ve gotten used to it, but it will be nice to have a bigger room and not sit quite so close to our TV haha.


^^ I will always remember the hours I spent sitting next to this window with my little newborn. Some hours were full of snuggles and giggles, some were a desperate attempt to get her to sleep so I could sleep. But all of them are precious to me.

The kitchen:


Our room:


^^ Sunday likes to sit on the bed and yell “dada” and point at these pictures…I think it’s adorable and it motivates me to always have family pictures visible in our home.


^^Tanner made fun of me for colour coordinating our books…but I’ll miss having such a handy place to keep all our books!


^^Tanner custom made this desk for me so I would have a place near the window to work on my school work. We have an extra room that probably would have made more sense to have as an office…but it has no window. He was worried about me being locked away in a dungeon for hours while working- he’s so thoughtful 🙂

Sunday’s room has it’s own special post


The bathroom:


Now for the nostalgic bit…

10 things I’ll miss about our second apartment:

  1. Being a renter! haha ok this one is ironic since we’ve been counting the minutes until we own our own home BUT renting does have its perks. I will miss that someone else is responsible for all the extra expenses and worries that come with home ownership…
  2. The location. I’m really excited about our new neighbourhood for a lot of reasons, but our current one is awesome because it’s close to all major shopping. I have loved that I don’t have to stress too much about messing up Sunday’s napping and eating schedule because we could run errands and get home quickly.
  3. Our landlords. Our landlords had twins about 5 months before we had Sunday- from the day we brought her home they have been so incredibly supportive. They brought us meals, gave us second-hand baby stuff, and answered so many of our new parent questions. This is only the beginning of everything they’ve done for us- they’ve been incredibly generous, and have been great examples to us as we start the journey of being landlords.
  4. Sunday’s room. It was so fun preparing Sunday’s first room…and it holds so many special memories. It will be emotional saying goodbye to that…
  5. The closet/ storage space. Tanner upgraded our large closets, and we currently have lots of storage space. I know we’re moving on to even more storage- but I especially appreciate the big closets here (we’ll be downsizing in our next bedroom).
  6. The natural light. Every room in this house has huge windows…which was a huge step up from The Bunker. I’ve especially appreciated it as a new mom, as we spent lots of time just hanging out at home. At least this way I felt like I ‘saw’ the sun every day.
  7. The “extra” room. Right now we have a room (that’s mostly been used for storage), that isn’t a designated bedroom. While we’re technically upgrading to a three bedroom home, we’re also upgrading to being a 4-person family…so we loose the “extra” room that serves no designated purpose..
  8. The parks/ walking trails nearby. I’m sure we’ll have our favourites in our new area of town too…but right now we have a good selection and I’ll miss them.
  9. The window sill ledge. Our front window is big and low to the ground…and is Sunday’s favourite place to play haha. It’s pretty adorable watching her wave and screech at everything that moves outside, I’ll miss watching her play there.
  10. The memories. We brought our first baby home here, we found out we were expecting our second, and we’ve watched Sunday have so many “firsts” in these walls. This place will always hold a special place in my heart.

10 things we won’t miss/ make this place memorable:

  1. The cold. The way the house is positioned and the directions our windows face, we basically don’t get any direct sunlight- however our landlords do. They often crank the AC, and due to the fact that this house is older the cold air just pumps and pumps into our apartment, and I think they don’t feel it as much as we do. The result is that walking into our apartment literally feels like walking into a refrigerator. Last year when Sunday was a newborn, Tanner literally duct taped all the vents closed and we always had a space heater on. Even during the winter, again because of the positioning of the vents (they’re in the ceiling…and hot air rises…so you do the math) and the age of the house, it’s always cold. Basically our families know they need to bring extra sweaters and blankets when they come to visit…and we always have two outfits: bundled when we’re home, and less layers when we leave. I am just so, so, so excited to control our own temperature haha.
  2. The location. Ok I like it for some reasons- but also it has some downfalls. We’re in a very hilly area, so going on a walk (especially when pregnant) is a big commitment. Also we’re far from church and Tanner’s work… I know he won’t miss the commute and I definitely will appreciate living in a flatter area.
  3. The kitchen. It’s small, there’s literally three cupboards and minimal counter space. As a result our house always feels cluttered, since as soon as there’s one dish out of place, everything feels dirty. And…no dishwasher. I’m so over hand washing everything- especially as our family grows! Also the layout is weird and has no spot for a table…therefore our table is basically in the hallway…which is only really crappy when you’re pregnant and can’t fit into tight spaces. Oh wait, I’ve been pregnant twice while living here…
  4. The entrance way. Similar to our last place, we have no coat closet. The result is you feel like you’re walking into a coat closet when you walk into our house. I don’t know if this is just the curse of being a renter…but I’m so excited for something as simple as an entrance way closet.
  5. The hot water tank. It’s tiny. We have four adults and 3 children (which all go to bed at the same time, ie. bathe at the same time)…and there’s never enough hot water. And those who know me know I love nothing more than a long, hot shower…seriously for the past year and a half my favourite part of going on a trip or visiting my family is showering for longer than 5 minutes…it’s sad when that’s what you look forward to on vacation…
  6. Living under other people. I know we’re still going to be sharing space with other people (we plan on renting out our basement), but I’m excited to be on the other end of things, and be the people with small children waking other people up haha.
  7. No outdoor space. Again our landlords have been great about letting us use their yard- but the house just doesn’t have great outdoor space, there is no back yard and the front yard is on a hill (i.e. not great for little people learning to walk). I won’t miss feeling like I have to pack up and go to the park every time it’s nice outside.
  8. The bathroom. This is more in the ‘memorable’ category. When we first moved it, the bathroom had the world’s tiniest shower in it. It wasn’t a big deal…except that I was about 5 months pregnant and growing quickly. Soon my stomach literally fit perfectly into the corner and I couldn’t move around much haha. After having Sunday, it was fine, except then we had to think about the days she would need a bathtub. Luckily our landlords had planned on renovating the bathroom, and asked if we would be willing to move out for a couple of weeks in January so they could put a bathtub in. Since then it’s been great, except the landlord broke our mirror in the process and had to order a new one to fit the space. Life gets busy, and I’m sure the mirror is sitting in our landlord’s garage waiting to put in, but the result is we’ve been living with no mirror installed in our bathroom for 6 months. Not the worst- just quirky. This poor little bathroom just always has something wrong with it…
  9. The parking. During the winter we have to park single file behind each other, which is really only annoying on the weekends when we switch between the two vehicles frequently (during the week Tanner usually leaves the house before me anyways). During the summer, we can park on the street which is nice, except it’s like all the cars that live on this street multiply and there never seems to be enough space! It’s a constant battle…
  10. Being renters! We’re so excited to have a place to call our own (and be able to hang pictures where ever we want!). There are perks to renting…but we’re excited to see this chapter of our lives close, and hopefully enjoy home ownership.

Farewell little igloo, thanks for being so good to us (even if we almost froze to death on a daily basis…). Can’t wait to drive Sunday past you one day and tell her about her first home…

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