Moving Day// Canada Day 2017

Well we’ve officially lived in our own home for 13 days! Last night after Sunday went down for bed, Tanner was out fidgeting with the sprinkler system, so I just went out and sat on the front steps and watched him. After a few minutes, he sat down with me and we talked about sprinklers, tree pruning, and light fixtures. Really exciting stuff I know…except it actually is for us haha. Every day we wake up in our little home I feel so incredibly grateful for this space to raise our family in.

Ok, enough sentimentality, here’s a little recap of how moving day went!

My sister took the day off work to help us with our move. I asked if she would stay at Tanner’s parent’s house and watch Sunday so she (Sunday, not my sister haha) was out of the way while we unpacked. She gladly took on that responsibility haha. First we had to snag a picture of Sunday in her Canada-day-red&white outfit, because I knew chances were it would be dirty by the time we got back haha.


We officially got possession of the house at 9 am. Tanner and I drove the moving truck over and met our realtor. We walked around the house for about 15 min, and were pleasantly surprised haha. We literally looked at the house for about 20 min. three months ago when we initially put in an offer- and I haven’t been back since! (tanner has been back once). Anyways, I set myself up with very low expectations, because honestly I didn’t remember the house super well. But we were shocked what good condition it was in, how clean it was left, and how big all the rooms felt! (which was one of the reasons we were drawn to the house in the first place…). Anyways, around 9:15 some friends and family showed up to help lift the heavy stuff and we officially moved in!


It only took about 45 min. to unload the moving truck, and then another hour to move around boxes and furniture inside, to at least get things sort of in place. It went so quickly! I was grateful because I felt bad taking up everyone’s time on Canada Day. After, we picked up sandwiches and drove back over to Tanner’s parents’ to get our suitcases and our baby. After lunch and nap time, Tanner, my sister, Sunday, and I drove back to the house.

Sunday was adorable when she walked into the house first time- she just wandered from room to room pointing at stuff and babbling very adamantly about everything she saw. It was almost like she was saying “I recognize this furniture, but what is it doing here?” haha.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We were so exhausted (Tanner and I both hadn’t slept very well the couple nights before moving), and it was so hot outside, we spent the afternoon just hanging out and settling in (you know, took care of some minor things like setting up Sunday’s crib, pulling out sheets for the night, etc.). We went out for dinner with my sister, and got home right around bed time. After Sunday’s first bath and bedtime routine in her new house, my sister and I went grocery shopping for some essentials, and then we all (finally) sat for a little bit.

Tanner kept pushing that we should wake Sunday up to take her to see the Canada Day fireworks. I figured one of two things would happen- she would love it and it would be adorable, or she would be terrified and cry. But Tanner knows what a sentimental sap I am and reminded me that this was Canada’s 150th birthday, and we hadn’t done anything patriotic that day. So in the name of Canada 150, we woke up Sunday and drove over to the park to watch the fireworks. Luckily, option #1 prevailed and Sunday was the cutest, oohing at every firework.


Honestly I thought the day was going to be much crazier. Everything just seemed to fall into place, and we actually got a few minutes to celebrate the holiday on top of moving into our first home. I’m grateful for the friends and family that helped our move go so smoothly, and I’m grateful to live in this beautiful country (and to officially be landowners here 😉 ) that allows us to pursue our dreams- even if my dream is as insignificant as raising our babies in our own little home.


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