Family Pictures 2017


We had maternity/family pictures taken this past week. It honestly feels like yesterday that we had our maternity pictures done when I was pregnant with Sunday. Again, right before taking pictures I was doubting my decision to get these pictures taken. But, once we got the pictures back I am so glad we did! TCS-11

I know I say this kind of thing all the time, but I’m so grateful for the way pictures make it possible for us to capture what life is like at a certain moment in time. Being pregnant while still having a baby hasn’t been easy, but there are also so many moments when I stop and just ponder how blessed we are. We have one beautiful healthy little girl, and another on the way. There were years where all I dreamt about was having a little family, and even amongst the tantrums and growing pains of raising a one year old, I am absolutely loving this stage of life. So despite feeling so, so pregnant in these pictures, I’m grateful for all that they capture.


They also perfectly capture Sunday’s personality. She would not hold still for a single picture or let us hold her. I thought (a little too optimistically) that maybe she would play shy around the photographers and actually pose with us…but no such luck, she just loved being the centre of attention and wanted to run around. So literally every single one of our family pictures is an action shot.


I can’t stop looking at these pictures. Her little face is just too perfect. When we first started taking pictures she kept clapping her hands and cheering for herself. Of course, all the adults present joined in…which only encouraged her and made her laugh and clap more. It was adorable, and so Sunday.


Having pictures of just Tanner and I makes me feel like we’re engaged again. It’s fun…but also strange because now anything that doesn’t involve Sunday feels incomplete. It’s crazy to think in a few weeks we’ll meet the newest member of our family and suddenly we won’t feel like a complete family without her too.


Also, kind of obsessed with these pictures of Tanner and Sunday together. I love watching their little relationship. They are my whole world.



I love that you can tell that Sunday is totally resisting being held…haha. The only reason she even let Tanner hold her at this point was because a train was passing by and the noise scared her haha.




We can’t wait to meet you baby girl! Even if your sister has no idea what’s coming…

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