The Bump Story: Baby #2

Usually I rush to bed as soon as possible. Being pregnant with a one year old pretty much means I’m exhausted 110% of the time. Tonight I stayed up late because I’m always uncomfortable (wonder why? lol), and with everyone in bed and the house quiet, I get to just sit here and enjoy feeling baby kicks.


I can’t believe how incredibly fast it feels like this pregnancy has gone. With Sunday’s pregnancy every day seemed so long…this time I feel like I blinked, my stomach grew to size of a watermelon, and we’re literally down to the last few days until our baby girl arrives (due date is on Saturday!). So I figured I should probably take some time to reflect on how this pregnancy has gone, before it’s over!

I’m sure when we announced we were pregnant people wondered if this baby is an accident or not. If there’s one thing I want this little girl to know, it’s that she was 110% wanted, and about 95% planned haha. When Sunday hit six months old, we started to talk about me going back on birth control (she was officially weaned off breastfeeding at that time). But the more we talked about it, the more we both felt like shouldn’t do anything to prevent pregnancy, but we also weren’t going to officially try. Famous last words I’m learning.

Three weeks later, Tanner just happened to be working from home when Sunday was down for her nap. I told him I had bought a home-pregnancy test, just-in-case. He told me I should just go ahead and pee on the stick- there was no harm in it! I had been feeling like I probably should take a test for about a week- but it all seemed so fast, it seemed silly to even be considering it. Anyways, after enough prodding from him I went and took the test. I had every intention of not looking and letting him tell me if we were pregnant or not, but honestly the test responded so quickly I couldn’t not see it!


I ran into the room where Tanner was working, and I honestly don’t remember what I said (it was probably some high-pitched version of “Tanner!! Tanner!!”) or what my face probably looked like. But soon we were hugging and looking at each with disbelief- we were pregnant!

I took the test about the second week of December, so we decided it would be fun and wait to tell our families at Christmas. This was fine for about a week- and then the nausea/ exhaustion kicked in. Our families kept pushing us to do all these fun Christmas activities- but I honestly just wanted to lay in bed and not ever move again- let alone eat! My brother and his wife came into town for the week before Christmas, and my mom kept pressuring me to come stay for the week leading up to Christmas. I happened to have a Dr.’s appointment set for that week (where I was going to ask for the anti-nausea medicine prescription), and kept telling her Sunday had her 6 month check up. My mom kept telling me to reschedule and get my butt over to spend some time with my brother! I felt bad not being with my family…but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it if I came over…so I just kept making excuses and pushing my family off. Tanner just reminding me that once they knew they would understand…

We told Tanner’s family on Christmas Eve-Eve, since we would be with my family the week of Christmas. We gave them a copy of this picture…


Tanner’s mom unwrapped it, and as she pulled the frame out of the bag she said “oh just what I wanted!”…because she had been bugging us for a family picture for a while. However, once she saw what it actually was she started to scream and give us a hug. It took a few minutes for the rest of his family to figure out what was going on…but once they did everyone was so excited for us.

DSC_0363DSC_0359DSC_0354DSC_0345DSC_0341On Christmas Eve, my family opens PJs every year. Once we had all opened our PJs, I told my parents we had an extra gift for them. My sister jokingly said “what is it? a pregnancy announcement?”…I had to just shrug and tell her she was ridiculous…we still had a baby! Anyways…about 30 seconds later she knew we were lying! Everyone was shocked and excited for us- no one actually expected us to be expecting so soon! And soon I was forgiven for being such a poor sport the week before…


^^Christmas morning

I did manage to go snowboarding that week with everyone! I was so nervous about it, but everything I read said it’s fine as long as you don’t take any hard falls. So I was extra-cautious, and felt pretty hard core being on the slopes while pregnant. I think the fresh air even helped with the nausea.


Speaking of, this pregnancy was WAY better than Sunday’s. I don’t know if it’s because I requested to be put on the medicine so much quicker, or if it’s just a different pregnancy, but I never actually threw up with this baby (except for when I got the flu on Valentine’s Day). I felt nauseous for sure- but it was much more manageable this time around. Thank heavens!

The next couple months we kept it hush-hush. I know a lot of people probably think we’re crazy for having our babies so close together, but honestly it was nice that Sunday wasn’t mobile during the first trimester. We spent a lot of time just playing on the floor in one spot, which worked for me because I was so, so exhausted and still feeling nauseas. The hardest part was getting up with Sunday in the night- because my stomach was empty I felt extra sick, and still had to take care of her. Yet, somehow now at the end of pregnancy that feels like such a blur- it’s crazy how fast you forget certain things!

Valentine’s Day lined up right around our 15-week mark, so we decided to wait until then to announce it! I don’t know why, but I wasn’t dying to announce it like I had been with Sunday. I think this time I realized how long pregnancy truly is, and a few weeks didn’t feel like it would make a difference. We announced we were pregnant with this little poem:


Roses are red, Violets are blue

We’re expecting, baby #2!

Poor Tanner had the flu when I made him take these pictures, so we took them as fast as we could one day (he’s a good sport), and then we let the world know- baby Sherwood #2 was on his/her way!

Just a little over a month later we hit the half way mark, and had our  gender ultrasound!  This pregnancy had been so different from my last one, I was 95% convinced it was a boy. So much so that we hadn’t really discussed girl names up to this point. But when the Dr. called to tell it was a girl, I was SO excited! I would’ve been happy with a boy- but just the fact that Sunday and this baby will be so close together made me really hope it was a girl- I just thought having sisters close together would be so fun! (although we’ll see how that plays out…haha). Also everything appeared healthy and normal on the ultra-sound, so that was relief! This pregnancy was proving to be much less dramatic than Sunday’s so far.


^^ 20 weeks

I started to feel baby kicks pretty quickly after this. I probably did this early with Sunday as well, but this time I knew what they felt like and recognized it immediately! And since then, the kicks have never stopped! Seriously, this baby girl moves CONSTANTLY! If it’s any indication of her personality, then we are in for a crazy ride as parents, because we’re going to have two wild little girls! Although, part of me is hoping for that, because Sunday is going to need a sibling that can keep up with her haha.

Tanner nicknamed this baby “our little one” from the beginning (a little cuter than the nickname “fetus” that Sunday got haha). I love how tender and sweet his nickname is for our baby. We do have a name picked out…but it took us longer to settle on one. We picked a name…then went through a few stages of doubting whether it was the right name or not. However, we keep coming back to this one name and it just feels right- so hopefully it still does when we meet her! So far we’ve been able to keep it hush-hush…so here’s hoping we manage to not slip in the last few days!


^^ This pregnancy has been all about balancing my baby on my baby bump haha

I’ve felt so much more calm about this pregnancy. I kept seeing my family doctor until 30 weeks. I was supposed to start seeing the OB around 22 weeks, but my doctor kept forgetting to put in the request, and then the OB was booked solid. If this had happened when I was pregnant with Sunday I would have been freaking out…but this time around it didn’t really bother me. The appointments are pretty simple- they weigh you, measure you and check the heartbeat- but since this little girl is moving all the time I’ve never been stressed about hearing that heartbeat (I mean it’s reassuring, but I always know she’s been moving recently so I don’t have stress about whether she’s ok or not). Anyways, we saw the OB/GYN around 30 weeks (it’s the same dr. that actually ended up delivering Sunday), and everything has been going great.

The only thing that has had me stressed out is getting this girl to turn around! At our 30 week appointment she was breach, but the dr. told me not to stress because she still had lots of time (and room) to turn around. At 32 weeks she had flipped, so I stopped worrying about it. BUT then at 34 weeks the dr. had a hard time finding her heartbeat…turns out it’s because she was breach again and he was listening for her heart in the wrong spot. Well then I stressed for the next two weeks about whether she would flip or not. People kept telling me that I would feel it when she flipped- but seriously with this baby moving ALL THE TIME, it’s hard to know (plus she had already flipped a couple of times without me ever knowing or thinking it felt different than all her other movements). But at our 36 weeks (and 37 and 38 week) appointment she’s been head down again…so here’s hoping she stays that way!

I can’t believe how crazy fast the second half of this pregnancy has gone by. Between keeping up with Sunday, moving, finishing up my classes in school (so I can take a break this fall while we adjust to being a family of four), and just life as a little family, I hardly think about being pregnant. I mean I do because I’m huge, my back always hurts, and I have acid reflux after every meal, but I just don’t sit and count down the days like I did with Sunday. Right now it’s all about focusing on spending as much time with Sunday and getting as much done around the house as possible before this baby arrives and we enter into the newborn fog. Every week when my app tells me I’m entering into a new week of pregnancy I always think ‘wow, really? already?’.


^^ 38 weeks

This pregnancy has been different from Sunday’s in a lot of ways. Certain symptoms (the nausea and heartburn) haven’t been as extreme. However, other things have been so much different. I started to show SO much earlier (ie. started wearing maternity pants at like 12 weeks), my back started hurting so much sooner, and this time around baby girl seems to be sitting on a nerve in my leg, and whenever she moves around (i.e. constantly), pain goes shooting down my leg and I can’t walk…so that’s a fun new symptom. However, it’s also better in a lot of ways. I’m not as stressed about it going by quickly. I’m trying to treasure this time with Sunday- but also treasure this time I get to bond with this baby in this special way. I love just sitting and feeling her kick and move- and love that I feel it all the time.

I treasure this time more because I know how quickly it passes by (and how the bad parts really do become a blurry memory). I’m so much more excited about meeting this baby! I mean, I was SO excited with Sunday, but I had truly had no idea how amazing it is to meet your newborn baby…now I know what that feels like and I just cannot wait for that moment! And all the newborn moments that come after that….I feel like with Sunday I was so anxious every time she did something new/different- was it normal? is she ok? (I’m still like that with every new phase she enters… sorry first child!). This time around I’m excited to just treasure the little newborn stages, without quite as much anxiety (although I hear every baby is different, so I’m sure I’ll still find plenty to worry about 😉 ).



^^Trying to soak up as much alone time with daddy and Sunday before you take over our lives


We’re so excited to meet you baby Sherwood #2. We can’t wait to see how much alike and how different you are from your sister. We can’t wait to soak in your newborn snuggles and your newborn smell. Your dad and I are anxiously awaiting your arrival- please make it a smooth one 😉 . We love you already!

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