Quinn’s Birth Story


^^The official announcement. The caption read “Introducing Quinn Olivia Sherwood. She entered this world fast and furious yesterday afternoon at 4:22 pm, weighing 8 lbs 8 oz. and measuring 20 inches long. We’re just soaking up all the newborn snuggles and falling more in love every minute.”

At Quinn’s 20 week ultrasound the technician told me that our baby measured about a week smaller than the initial due date they had given me. After that, I told myself I was mentally prepared to go a week past my due date, after all Sunday had been a week late. However, I was so much more uncomfortable this pregnancy, that by the time my due date came and went I was so, so done being pregnant haha.

At my 39 week appointment my doctor promised he wouldn’t let me go more than a week past my due date. My due date was on a Saturday so everyone kept telling me they would induce me on the Friday because they don’t do inductions on the weekend. However, at my 40 week appointment my doctor set the induction date for the following Monday (9 days past my due date)…I seriously cried after my doctor’s appointment when I called Tanner to tell him. For some reason those extra three days felt like more than I could bear. I was also nervous about going into labour on my own- Sunday’s birth was so traumatic and labour lasted so long, I was determined I was going to get an epidural this time so I could actually enjoy that moment of meeting my baby- as opposed to being so traumatized and exhausted. I was actually ok with the idea of being induced because I felt like it guaranteed I could get an epidural.


^^Sunday and I showing off our matching bellies, the night before Quinn was born

So even though we had family going out of town and everyone wanted that baby to come sooner than later, I was actually quite grateful when baby hadn’t made her debut over the weekend. Monday morning I called at 6 am to ask when I should come in. They told me to call back at 9. I called at again at 9 and they said to come right in! Going to the hospital was so different this time- rather than being in middle of contractions and barely aware of what was going on around me as we drove, I causally put in another load of laundry while Tanner loaded up the car, and then we just chatted about how excited we were to meet our baby as we drove to the hospital. I much prefer it the second way haha. Tanner’s mom took the last pictures of us as a family of three before she took Sunday for the day as we went into the hospital.

When we got to the hospital the nurse took us into an examination room. She then explained how the process goes. They normally start the woman with a cervidil- which is an insert in the cervix to help labour start. They normally leave it in for 24 hours, and repeat that process 2-3 times, before they would admit the woman and give her pitocin. At this point in the explanation I wanted to cry…here I was thinking we were going to meet our baby in the next 24 hours…and the nurse was telling me it could still be another 2-4 days. I kept my cool however because she kept saying that the doctor would come check me, and if I was dilated already then maybe things would move faster. I had been really crampy for a few days the week previous, which dr. google had informed us it could mean I was dilating…so I figured I wouldn’t despair until the doctor told me I was going to have to wait.


^^Just so excited to go into labour…NOT, just really excited to meet our baby!

A few minutes later the doctor came in. She checked me and I was already dilated to a 4 (thank the heavens!). She then told me that I would be meeting my baby that day! I was so, so, so relieved! She said she didn’t want to start my labour right then and there because they didn’t have enough nurses on staff (they needed enough so I could have one with me one on one once my water was broken, and still enough staff in case other women came in as well), so she said she would put in the cervidil, and then send me home for a few hours while they called some nurses in.

She inserted the cervidil and then we had to wait and let our baby’s heart be monitored for an hour to make sure everything was fine. After that first hour the head nurse asked if we’d be willing to wait around for another hour in case they could get some nurses in. We went and got lunch from a cafe in the hospital and then walked around the hospital grounds. I had a couple contractions here and there, but nothing very intense. After that hour the nurse told us the doctor had gone into surgery, so we might as well go home and she would call us when the doctor was available.

We went home to our quiet little home (you know…because Sunday was gone haha) and just relaxed for a couple of hours. So far this version of labour was MUCH more relaxing. I read a book and snoozed on the couch while Tanner took some work calls. Finally, the nurse called and asked if we could come in around 2:30. Around 2 we got back in the car and drove back over to the hospital. On the way over I told Tanner I ‘thought’ I was having a couple contractions…obviously they weren’t very strong yet haha.

We got to the hospital and at 2:33 pm the doctor broke my water.

Now before we get into what happened during labour- let’s talk about the epidural. I was so disappointed I hadn’t had one with Sunday’s labour. The nurse kept telling me during her labour that I was managing the pain fine and I didn’t need one. She also kept telling me that labour was almost over…but then complications happened and I ended up pushing for 1.5 hours. During my third trimester with this pregnancy I had a lot of anxiety about the epidural. I REALLY wanted one this time (because I actually knew how bad it hurt), but also because people kept telling me how relaxing labour was with one haha. Tanner and I were both so overwhelmed by all the drama that happened with Sunday’s…we couldn’t help but talk about how much better it could have been with an epidural. Anyways, every time I started to feel anxious about not having an epidural during this labour, Tanner promised me he would stand up to the nurses this time and insist we get one. So when we initially went in the morning, we made it very clear we wanted an epidural. The result was the nurses teasing us a little, but also promising that I would get my epidural this time.

SO when we check back in at 2:30, the doctor again promised me I would get my epidural. However, when she broke my water, she discovered the baby was turned sideways. Sunday had been delivered face up, and it resulted in my tailbone being injured (still is). So the doctor suggested I try walking around for the first little bit to try and get this baby to turn, and then once the contractions got more painful, they would give me the epidural. I wanted to avoid re-injuring my tailbone so I said ok. We walked around the delivery ward for about an hour. The contractions were strong, but still about 5 minutes apart. However, I finally had a couple where I felt I could no longer stand up. I crawled into bed and told Tanner I wanted the epidural now. The nurse came in and we told her, and she said she would page the anesthesiologist. A few minutes later someone was taking a blood sample and the nurse was hooking me up to an IV. However, I was really getting the urge to push. After a few very strong contractions very close together, I told the nurse I was getting the urge to push. The nurse called the doctor, and the doctor came running in. She went to check how dilated I was, when I heard her say she could see the baby’s head. Tanner looked and told me our baby was literally right there!

The doctor apologized and told me sorry, but there was no time for the epidural. I remember crying out “I can’t do it without the epidural”, and the doctor telling me I didn’t have a choice and Tanner telling me I could do it haha. Luckily, I didn’t have time to stress about it, because literally two pushes later, at 4:22 pm our baby girl was born!


They immediately put her on my chest and Tanner and I just kept looking at her and each other in disbelief! We were in shock that it had all happened to fast- and without any complications (although I did have a small tear where my episiotomy had been from Sunday’s labour). But I got to sit and hold our daughter for about 10 minutes before they took her to weigh her and check her out. A few minutes later and I got to nurse her. She latched on right way and did great. I loved admiring how much hair she had, and my first impression was that she looks my little sister Kaila.


After about a half hour of nursing and snuggling, Tanner’s mom came in with Sunday. Sunday was so sweet and cautious around Quinn. She kept giving her kisses and just looking at her with awe. I was amazed how well she reacted. It was such a perfect moment- and one I had been looking forward to since they day we found out Sunday was going to have a sibling.

IMG_2007 2IMG_2008 2IMG_2010 2IMG_2011 2IMG_2012 2IMG_2014 2

I went and cleaned up and Tanner gathered our stuff together, and then the nurse took me over in a wheelchair to my room in the postpartum ward. It was around 7 pm at this point, and my family showed up to meet Quinn. Everyone crowded in to meet our baby girl. They took turns holding her and admiring her- however it was around Sunday’s bedtime and she was getting grumpy fast. My mom was taking Sunday home with her for a few days, so everyone cleared out before Sunday turned into a complete monster haha.

^^First few pics as a family of four…pretty good indicator of what life with two kids was going to look like…ie a circus haha

Finally we had Quinn to ourselves. Tanner and I ate dinner and took turns holding/ admiring the newest addition to our family. It was so nice to finally have some peace and quiet- and we couldn’t get over how perfect our little girl is. Admiring her ten little toes and fingers, I still couldn’t get over how quickly labour had gone this time around, and how uncomplicated it was. I am so grateful for how smoothly everything went, and that Quinn and I were both healthy.


Since we had done this whole newborn thing so recently, we knew we should get sleep whenever possible. So as soon Quinn was fed, we went to bed. Quinn’s first day on earth felt so perfectly uncomplicated. We walked into the hospital, informed the doctor we’d like to have our baby today, they broke my water, and 2 hours later our baby was here! That moment I met Quinn was so beautiful and happy. That day- and to be honest, still three weeks later- I felt like I was on such a high. I feel so much joy and happiness thanks to this sweet little spirit that has joined our family. We love you Quinn Olivia,  I can’t wait to watch you grow and to get to know your little personality.





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