Quinn’s newborn pictures


I took Quinn to the same photographer that did Sunday’s newborn pictures. We had family pictures taken first, and then Tanner and Sunday left so the photographer could work her magic and just focus on Quinn. It’s so fun to look back on Sunday’s pictures and remember her newborn freshness- how quickly that changes! At just 3 weeks old I already feel like Quinn is growing and changing; which is one of the reasons I cherish these newborn pictures so much. So here’s lots of squishy, adorable baby pictures, enjoy!


^^I call this the Easter egg pose haha, I don’t know why I just think she looks like a little Easter egg all wrapped up and sitting like that haha


^^ I love seeing little hints of what her smile is going to look like


^^ The pouty newborn lips just kill me


^^I feel like you can see the extra 1 lb 2 oz Quinn had on Sunday in her chunky little arm rolls lol. She’s so tiny, it’s hard to believe that she is considered a bigger newborn.


^^One of my favourite pictures from Sunday’s newborn pictures is a funny face she made- and now this is one my favourite of Quinn’s haha. The little faces they pull are so funny!


^^ I think this last picture is my favourite…the little legs tucked under her little bum! I wish there was a way to bottle up a stage of life and then be able to revisit it. As exhausting as this newborn stage is, it’s so magical and so short. I’m so much better about appreciating it this time around, and feel so content to just enjoy these days of snuggles and not worrying about much other than enjoying the company of my two babies and making sure they are fed and taken care of. It truly is just a beautiful, happy time for our family.


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