Quinn: One month round-up [August 21-September 20]


One month old already! In so many ways I can’t believe it’s only been one, single little month. Only 30 days that you’ve been a part of our family. I feel like you’ve just always been here. Becoming a family of four has felt so natural- it’s hard to believe there was ever a time you weren’t here.

Your first 24 hours were so relaxing (or at least as relaxing as they can be in the hospital). Your dad and I just enjoyed snuggling you and examining every inch of your little body and face. I seriously felt like I was on cloud nine- I couldn’t believe you were finally here…and how amazingly perfect you are.


They basically left us alone the whole time we were in the hospital. A nurse popped in every once in a while…but I guess they figured we were experienced parents or something. So we basically spent the whole day just napping and waiting to be allowed to leave. When we finally were allowed to leave, you put up no fuss. You just snuggled right into the carseat and fell asleep. On the drive home we couldn’t believe how quiet you were… you were proving to be an easy child already haha.

Grandma Smith took Sunday home with her for a few days and daddy took a couple days off work, so for the first couple days at home we just got to soak up your newborn goodness. I was still fighting off a nasty cold I got during the last couple week of pregnancy, so I enjoyed the extra time to rest. I also just loved being able to snuggle you without having to balance anything else. You were such an easy baby- you literally just wanted to sleep, eat, and snuggle. I loved it.

When Grandma Smith brought Sunday back, she was obsessed with you. I had been so scared of how she was going to react to a sibling, I didn’t think much about how amazing it could be. Sunday just wanted to kiss you, and be close to you. She loved to play next to you, or sit next to mommy while she nursed you. Anytime you cried she looked at you with kind of a bewildered look.


Your auntie Kaila and Grandma Smith stayed over for the first couple of days that daddy went back to work. It was nice to have extra hands while I adjusted to balancing two little girls to take care of. But that weekend after all the family left, it was exciting to have daddy home, and to adjust to being a little family of four. We even left the house and went to the park for a little while. But mostly we just hung around and spent time together.

You were proving to be a very easy going baby. You liked the swing and your bassinet. You liked the carseat as long as it was moving (in the car or the stroller). You liked being in the baby wrap, and you LOVED being swaddled. Even in new situations you did really well, for example you loved the bath and just sat there looking around.

During your second week of life, all the windows and doors in our house were being replaced, so we had to go with live with the Sherwood for a few days. Luckily it lined up with when your auntie Elise was visiting, so she got to meet you and enjoy your newborn snuggles as well. We tagged along as Grandma Sherwood and Elise entertained Sunday at the park.


Everyone told me I would take less pictures of a second child…which is probably true already…but I still can’t resist taking pictures of you almost every time you fall asleep in my arms…which is all the time. I guess I feel so much more aware of how quickly this time goes, and I want to capture your newness before it’s gone!

Your third Sunday we took you to church for the first time, and you were blessed. You wore the same dress I wore (and that Sunday wore) when we were blessed. You looked so tiny in the giant lace dress. Your extended family all came, and your daddy gave you a beautiful blessing. You were a perfect angel and slept through the entire thing.


Already in one month you are so much more alert. You are having long stretches of awake time during the day, and are starting to coo and smile! It’s so sweet and exciting to see your big blue eyes just seeking for someone to make eye contact with, and then to see you trying to communicate. It’s seriously my favourite thing right now.


Sunday loves, loves, LOVES helping take care of you. She smothers you with blankets, gives you lots of kisses ie. head butts you, and takes your soother out only to try and shove back in your mouth. But in all seriousness, it is sweet how much she loves you. She loves to hold your hand, give you hugs, and lay next to you on the floor. It so sweet to see how much she loves you already.

This month we had to say goodbye to your Auntie Jenna as she left on her mission. It was so sad to see her go, but we’re so excited for her too! She was really sad about leaving you and missing out on the first 18 months of your life- but we promised to send lots of pictures and keep her updated on everything! I’m so grateful you have such an amazing auntie to look up to.

Our everyday life has gotten a little more complicated since you’ve been around. Sure there are twice as many diapers and it feels like it takes 10xs the effort to leave the house…but our house is full of indescribably more love.

You’re a little chunker already. You weighed 10 lb. 4 oz. at your one month check-up, and you’re already out of all your newborn clothes. Nursing has been such a different experience with you…it’s been great! You’re such a good little nurser and it’s been pain-free for me this time around! I love knowing all your chunkiness comes from mama’s milk!


From the moment I met you, I just felt that your soul had this peacefulness about it. You are so sweet and calm and I’ve just felt this wonderful connection with you. I just know you are meant to be a part of our little family. We love you Quinnie-the-Pooh. I can’t wait to get to know you more and more as the months pass by.


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