Looking back at summer 2017

Well we’re almost into October, and I feel like I’m still holding onto summer (the fact that we’ve had record-high temperatures helps 😉 ). I had lots of plans for the summer…but of course things turned out differently than expected. Moving and getting our basement ready to rent out took more time than I expected, this pregnancy slowed me down a lot more than my first and I just didn’t have the energy or enough will power to get out and do more, and our town was covered in smoke from forest fires the majority of July and August, making the air quality terrible and restricting how much and how long we could go outside with little kids.

However, as I look back on our pictures I can’t believe how much we did do. It was a special summer because I knew it was the last time I was going to have so much concentrated one-on-one time with Sunday- so we went on lots of little outings together. Not to mention we had lots of exciting, big life moments- like buying a house and welcoming Quinn into our family. It really was a great summer. Here are some of our favourite moments/ memories.

  • Watching Tanner walk across the stage and get his degree (he technically finished classes last year, he just never walked)
  • Taking Sunday to the wildlife park and watching her imitate the birds
  • Sunday going through a stage of falling asleep in my arms for naptime (its like she knew another baby was coming)


  • the moment when Sunday and Quinn met
  • taking Sunday on the train at the wildlife park
  • all the days that grandmas helped take care of Sunday so I could pack, unpack and get ready for Quinn (so grateful for all the help!)
  • Attempting to finger paint with Sunday, and her hating it haha
  • Playing in the sprinklers with Sunday
  • Going on our anniversary trip to Quaaout Resort
  • Watching Sunday “read” books to herself
  • Taking Sunday out to the Smith family cabin and making memories with her where I used to spend my childhood
  • Sunday’s hair turning a definite redish-blonde


  • Throwing rocks into the water with Sunday
  • Jenna and Kaila staying over for a weekend
  • Sunday playing in Grandma Sherwood’s fairy garden
  • Sunday running around our yard with her mini-lawnmower
  • Little playdates with little friends
  • Playing in our mini-pool in the backyard
  • Chasing Sunday around with my big pregnant belly
  • Watching Sunday play in the backyard with our friends’/renters’ son
  • Sitting outside and enjoying our own yard after Sunday had gone to bed and the temperature was perfect


  • Sunday’s love for animals…especially cats and dogs
  • Feeding goats at the park
  • Enjoying that Sunday is still a baby, but also loving the toddler stage
  • Our traditional summer get-together with friends
  • Sunday going on Grandma and Grandpa Smith’s boat
  • Hearing Sunday learn new words
  • Sunday playing in our overgrown garden boxes like it’s a sandbox
  • Watching Sunday giggle, kick, and splash her first time swimming in the lake
  • Sunday figuring out how to put sunglasses on herself


  • Watching Tanner become a dad again
  • Completing some basic renos to our basement (couldn’t have done this without all the help we received from family!)
  • Going on “last” dates with Tanner before we had two kids
  • Watching Sunday figure out how to use toys she didn’t understand before
  • Sunday being obsessed with brushing her own teeth
  • Sunday wanting to help and copy everything we do: gardening, chores, getting ready in the morning, sounds and words
  • Taking Sunday to the circus…and realizing she wasn’t quite old enough to appreciate it haha
  • Sunday saying “cheeeeeeese” anytime someone pulled out their phone
  • Sunday’s first pigtails


  • Doing a mission “photoshoot” with Jenna
  • Taking Sunday on walks in our new neighbourhood
  • Playing with Sunday in our brand new backyard!

Thanks summer, you were one for the books. We’ll miss your warm, sunshiny days…we eagerly await your return!

Love, the Sherwoods

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