Officially a family of four


Ok, my heart just explodes looking at these pictures of Sunday and Quinn together. Our photographer took a few pictures of our family before doing Quinn’s newborn pictures- and they are just priceless! When the photographer suggested that Sunday lay down next to Quinn, Tanner and I just looked at each other with a look that said “yeah right”….Sunday doesn’t do well with holding still situations haha. But then she just lay right down and totally cooperated. It was so cute to see her so in awe of her little sister.


With this pose Sunday kept trying to push Quinn away, I don’t think she liked sharing mommy’s lap. The photographers told usually this pose is a shoe-in and all siblings cooperate….except for our Sunday haha.


I recently heard someone describe having a newborn as feeling like you’re falling in love all over again. I can’t get that out of my head- it describes so perfectly what this past (almost) six weeks has been like. I love just sitting and staring at Quinn’s little face and marvelling at how beautiful and perfect she is. It reminds me of the hours that Tanner and I spent on FaceTime just staring at each other when we were dating/engaged and doing long distance haha. I know I annoyed my family when I would go on and on about how perfect he was. Now I just feel all those butterfly, ecstatic feelings  every time I look at this little girl. And all those lovey feelings are just magnified as I watch Sunday falling in love with her little sister. Our days are long and full of tears and messes, but man are they beautiful. I love the hour every day between dinner and bedtime. Tanner is usually playing with Sunday (ie. there’s lots of giggling happening because daddy is so fun), I’m snuggling or nursing Quinn. Eventually we start to wind down and Tanner and I work together to get both girls changed and ready for bed. At about 7:30 they both go to sleep, and I can’t help but just feel this overwhelming feeling of love and peace. Our girls make our home, and our lives, just so full. Full of love, full of meaning, and full of joy. Gush, gush, gush- that’s all I want to do about becoming a family of four.


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