Our newest family game


Having two very young children has forced me to develop certain coping mechanisms. One such coping strategy is to throw food at the older child anytime both children are crying. This usually results in the older child calming down long enough that I can ‘throw’ food at the younger child (i.e. shove my boob in her mouth haha). As a result of this parenting strategy, we have a new game in our house. At the end of the day, Tanner and I report to each other the strangest places we’ve found pieces of food that day. My favourite so far are orange pieces in our closet, a muffin on top of the toilet, raspberries lining the kitchen drawers, Cheerios…well everywhere, and a fishy cracker down my shirt a good two hours after her bedtime.

In all seriousness though, our lifestyle right now could be described as a chaotic mess. But every time I cringe as I feel my foot squish something soggy for the third time that day, or I clean up raspberries out of the drawer, I smile a little thinking about how cute Sunday is with her little cup of food as she wanders around the house babbling about who knows what. I don’t know why no one warned me how seriously adorable the toddler stage is. I mean we all know it’s also as frustrating as all get-out, but I’m finding it to be equally endearing. So for now, we’ll just make a game out of the messy parts 😉

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