My little toddler


Today while I was nursing Quinn, Sunday wandered around the house with a stuffed puppy under her arm. And while the position would strangle any living puppy, it’s absolutely adorable with her stuffed one. She wandered around picking up blankets, bottles, and shoes…only to sit down and try to dress, feed, or swaddle the puppy. When one task was completed to her satisfaction she’d get up and wander around looking for another task. At one point she wandered into her room and grabbed a pair of socks. She then came out into the family room and for a solid ten minutes tried to put the socks on her feet.

In my head all I was thinking things like “oh-my-gosh she is the smartest little human in the entire world. Look at her put on a sock! Ok… she can’t actually get the sock on…but look at how she’s made the connection that socks go on her feet! Ok she may already have socks on…but she’s seriously the smartest/cutest/most wonderful human to ever live”.


I know. I know. I’m obnoxious. But goshdangit…this toddler stage is so cute. Sunday’s little mannerisms and babbling just kill me. I love this girl so much- and while the tantrum/screaming in the middle of the night/stubborn parts of toddlerhood may just literally kill me…the innocence/curiosity/so-eager-to-help parts make up for it all. Maybe I’m only saying this because it’s nap time and she’s so easy to love when she’s sleeping, but I kinda just want to freeze Sunday at this stage forever so that I can always be the center of her world and she can just always be this endearing. I just love sitting back and watching her play.

But I also know she’ll wake up in about 45 minutes and I’ll be singing a different tune…so here’s to remembering the good parts of having a toddler 😉

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