Quinn: Two month round-up [September 22-October 21]

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Two months! In some ways it feels like we were just marking this milestone with Sunday…in other ways I don’t really believe she was ever this small. I look at you now and think you’re ‘huge’…you know relative to when you were born. It’s so fun seeing your personality and mannerisms develop and become you’re own. I just can’t help falling more and more in love with you every day.



To start off your second month of life, we took you on a little vacation with just mommy and daddy. Tanner had to go to the Calgary home show for work. I was really nervous about being left alone with the girls, so we decided I would come meet him in Calgary after a couple of days. Sunday stayed with grandma, while Quinn and I flew out to Calgary and met up with him for the weekend. I was nervous about flying with a baby, but Quinn was a dream! She slept the whole time, and everyone around me on the plane commented on how well she did. In fact, the whole trip she was a dream. We took her to the mall, a movie, the home show for an entire day, out to eat, and driving all over the city. Quinn mostly slept, woke up once in a while to eat, and smiled at us whenever she was awake. I guess having a toddler REALLY makes you appreciate the sleepy baby stage haha. Even on the 7ish hour drive home, she only woke up once to eat. It was fun to be able to give Quinn concentrated attention and spend some one on one time with her. Tanner especially enjoyed having some bonding time with her, since he’s been so busy with work lately. Overall, it was just a great trip- we enjoyed staring at Quinn’s little face lots and talking about how perfect our daughters are.


It’s crazy to look at these pictures and see how much you have changed this month! I feel like you’ve officially transitioned from newborn to baby. Speaking of, I had to pack up all your newborn clothes this month and officially put you in 0-3 month sizes. It’s emotional every time I switch you girls over to a new size of clothing, I just cry knowing you’ll never be that little again.

You’ve been doing so good at tummy time. You will stay on your tummy for 10+ minutes without any fussing. And like your sister, you are freakishly strong and can hold up your head so well! This month you also officially started the whole use-your-head-to-roll-over thing. I never know if I should officially count this as rolling over or not, but your dad does and we have it on film…so I guess you can roll from front to back now!

You know I can’t resist an opportunity to take a sleeping picture. You’re having more and more awake periods throughout the day- which is so fun, but you’re also still a sleepy little baby. Speaking of, you are an amazing sleeper (knock on wood..). You usually go down around 10pm and sleep until 8 am the next morning. Like…I get to sleep through the night and then some…it’s amazing! I still don’t experience this with Sunday haha. You usually have a few little catnaps in the morning and then have a nice long nap in the afternoon. You’re pretty good at sleeping on the go, i.e. in your carseat, and you like to sleep in your swing. However, you don’t really like napping in your bassinet. You’re great in it at night, but during the day for some reason you wake up after about 20 minutes. I would just let you nap in your swing all day…but Sunday wants to attack you in the swing…so we’re still trying to figure out a system haha.


I love watching the relationship between you and Sunday blossom. She is absolutely obsessed with you and wants to help take care of you constantly (see the books and clothes in the swing with you haha). She loves to lie on the floor with you and participate in tummy time lol. Whenever you cry she runs over and tries to sooth you- it’s seriously the sweetest. This month has been fun because you’re starting to interact with her too. Sometimes I look over and she’s bent over you’re swing babbling to you, and you’re staring right up at her cooing and smiling. I just love watching you two together.


Big firsts this month (other than kind of rolling over haha) are cooing lots, tracking people with your eyes as they walk around, ‘watching’ your first general conference, celebrating mommy’s birthday, your first Thanksgiving and going on our first family hike (you slept the whole time 😉 ).

We also had your two month vaccinations and you weighed 12 lbs 2.5 oz! It’s safe to say your growing well ;). Breastfeeding has been a dream with you, so I’m actually quite proud of that size lol. You are still a tiny baby, but you are developing the cutest little leg rolls and kissable cheeks.

I feel like you had two expressions as a newborn, asleep and concerned haha. But now you’re developing so many expressions in-between! I wish I had an invisible camera or something, because whenever I pull out my phone to try and capture all your cute smiles and expressions you focus on the phone and stop doing what you were doing. So you’ll have trust me- you have the sweetest little smile!

DSC_0239DSC_0235DSC_0232You smile and coo at anyone so easily. All we have to do is catch you’re eye and you’ll greet us with a big gummy grin. Sometimes you just sit in your swing or lay on the floor and starting cooing at nothing. I don’t have the words to describe how wonderful your little spirit is. You just have this sweet, peaceful little presence about you. You are the perfect addition to our family, and you bring so much joy into our home. Happy two months sweetheart, we love you.





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