Happy birthday Tanner!


Happy 28th birthday my hot baby daddy. This year has been one that has challenged us and forced us to grow more than any before. There have been the usual challenges expected of raising a baby, getting pregnant, having another baby, buying a house, helping the family business grow, supporting your wive’s ever changing emotional needs, and the general trying to still take care of yourself and progress and grow as a human being. Life has also thrown us a few curveballs that aren’t necessarily the internet’s business, but have put stress and worry in our family that only add to balancing act necessary to run a little family.

I’m not saying all this to complain about our lives- I mean the things that bring the greatest worry and stress (read- children) are also what bring us the greatest joy. The thing that has stretched us financially and time wise, i.e. our house, is also an answer to years of prayers. We have been blessed beyond measure- I just want you to know that those blessings are largely a result of your hard work and dedication to our little family. Thanks for taking care of us and always wanting to do the best by us.

Your three girls anxiously await when you come home every day. I love the way that Sunday yells out ‘daddy’ when she hears a motorcycle drive by or when she hears the shower start in the morning. You are sweetest daddy to our daughters, and watching you with them just makes me fall more and more in love you. Thank you for all the little ways you serve me everyday- waking up with Sunday when I just got back into bed from feeding Quinn, checking to make sure my car’s oil changes are up to date, cleaning out the garage so my car will be warm in the winter, and helping me clean the house after our little toddler-tornado goes down for bed. You are such an amazing and supportive husband- I really don’t know how I got so lucky.

Happy birthday Tanner, I can only hope I can do my part to make you happy in this year coming, and every year after that. I love you.


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