Halloween 2017// Quinn’s first Halloween + Family beanie baby costume


This was Quinn’s first Halloween, but since she’s even more of a little blob than Sunday was during her first Halloween, I wanted super easy/comfy costumes because I knew she would probably spend most of Halloween either being held or just in her carseat haha. So I saw this idea on Pinterest where the whole family dresses up as animals…and then you just add TY tags to make everyone beanie babies…

^^Tanner is a shark, I’m a pig, Sunday is a kitty, and Quinn is a fox

Let’s just say Tanner wins husband of the year award for going along with my ideas haha. These definitely will go down in the books as the comfiest costumes ever haha…it was basically like wearing pj’s all day. Tanner and I ended up wearing these to our church Halloween party the Saturday before…but at least we had a family costume of some kind 😉 .

IMG_2765 2^^The cake I made for said church Halloween party. The party was geared towards children…but honestly Sunday was too young to really get into it. She was just really clingy and kind of terrified of everyone dressed up haha. Maybe next year she’ll enjoy it more.

The morning of Halloween, Sunday and I finally got around to painting the pumpkins we bought a few weeks previous. She got really into it and it made me super excited for her to start getting interested in kids crafts. I think it turned out to be quite the masterpiece 😉

Halloween afternoon we went to the mall to go trick-or-treating with friends. We went last year as well, but this year Sunday was at least old enough to hold her own basket. She hadn’t mastered actually asking for candy, and she looked terrified the entire time we were walking around the mall. But then I gave her lollipop, and when we got out to the car I tried to take away her basket (you know to get her all buckled in)…and she made the saddest face I’ve every seen! Seriously almost broke my heart… I think she was starting to get the hang of it haha.

After the mall I took her over a retirement home to go trick or treating. The men and women there were sitting at different tables in the dining room, and kids walked around to them to get candy. I figured it would be fun for Sunday to get out and walk around. But by now she had tasted candy…so she ran around and snatched candy out of the people’s hands! Luckily they were all really nice and thought she was cute, and often even offered her a second piece haha.

We originally had plans to go trick-or-treating with friends that night, but we decided to just hang out as our little family. I’m glad we did- I was seriously so excited to take Sunday out trick-or-treating for the first time (and I don’t think a group of people would have been quite as obsessed with her as I was haha). Quinn was all bundled in her carrier, but Sunday ran up to each house and then would babble to each person as they gave her candy. Then she would walk down their driveway, turning around to talk to them and yell “bye” about 100 times haha. It was very slow going. I only took Quinn to a couple houses, before we went back home to hand out candy. Tanner took Sunday to about 10 houses and brought her home. She was seriously the cutest (and friendliest) little trick-or-treater ever!

^^My little Quinn fox

Sunday came home to show off her spoils to her sister, and “share” with mommy and daddy 😉 . We put her to bed and then finished our marathon of Stranger Things 2. It was the perfect Halloween with my little girls- and made me so excited for the years to come as they can get more involved in holidays with me!

^^And of course, Halloween candy for breakfast on November 1st haha


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