Quinn: Three month round-up [October 22-November 21]

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

These months just keep on zooming by Quinn! I can’t believe you’re already three months old! I’m in denial and just keep giving you your newborn soother even though it’s clearly too small for your face haha. But as sad as it is that you’re changing…it’s equally as fun and wonderful.

“She is so sweet”, “she is so quiet!”, or  “she is so chill”… these are the kind of comments I constantly get about you Quinn. People are always amazed by how content and happy you are. If we’re in a room full of kids and babies, you are the quietest and easiest baby around. This month you are much more awake and alert, so I was worried you’d start to get more fussy during those awake periods. However, you continue to be my happy little baby with just smiles and adorable coos waiting for whoever happens to catch your eye.


You love to eat, you love tummy time, and you love to tell stories! With Sunday we had to work SO hard to get coos out of her. You however just sit and talk to no one, or get really excited if we even look at you from the across the room and start cooing and squealing. I have even been to able to get the beginning of little giggles out of you! They’re always while daddy is at work, so he doesn’t believe me…but you and I both know the truth 😉

We love getting big, gummy smiles from you. It’s seriously the best part of the day…and it happens over and over again! You even wake up happy- first you start to rustle around, and then I start to hear little “cooooo, oooooh”…until I look over into the bassinet and you greet me with one of your brilliant smiles. Even in the middle of the night- you just wake up happy and chatty. It’s adorable.

I’m sorry…I can’t resist taking a picture of you all snuggled up in my arm. You are so precious when you sleep, and I just want to freeze the feeling of your little body sleeping in my arms. You have a little bit of stuffy nose this month so you sound like a little piglet as you sleep. My favourite is when you fall asleep with your hand holding onto me. It’s like you know you have a needy older sister that forces me to put you down more often than I like. But don’t worry baby girl, I’m not going anywhere.


We celebrated your first Halloween this month…


and you experienced your first daylight savings time change…

which meant you would just fall asleep random places when I put you down. It was so cute.

You and Sunday continue to develop the sweetest little relationship that mostly consists of her being obsessed with you, and you looking very concerned 24/7 haha. But seriously, I love looking over at you in your swing and seeing Sunday standing there and you two talking to each other in your respective baby languages.

^^Trying to get pictures of you in your matching dresses from Grandma Sherwood… haha. Guess we need a few more months before you’re old enough to pose lol


Each month you grow a little bigger, your leg rolls get a little deeper, and I fall a little more in love with you. I love your sweet personality, and can’t believe I am so blessed to have you as my daughter. We love you Quinnifer! Happy 3 months!





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