Sunday at 18 months


^^Post nap hair is the best

A few days ago we took Sunday to the pool. We haven’t been swimming in a few months (the last time was a few weeks before Quinn was born), but for obvious reasons haven’t gotten around to it since then. Tanner had the day off so we decided to make a family outing of it. Sunday took a little while to warm up to the water, but then she discovered she could actually touch the bottom in the shallow end…and then she discovered she could jump up and down in the water. And her face as she discovered and explored what if felt like to play in water will forever be burned in my memory. I sincerely wish I could relive that moment over and over again- she was laughing and smiling uncontrollably while bouncing and splashing. And while I say this every time she hits a new stage- I really wish I could just freeze her like this, she is so insanely loveable and sweet.

Almost three weeks ago Sunday officially hit the 18 month mark. I know it’s not a birthday or anything, but somehow it feels significant that this fiery little ball of energy has been in our lives for a full year and a half! She completely changed our lives the day she came into this world- and while people would always warn us to “enjoy” life while we could before the kids came, I have found life about a hundred-million times more enjoyable since Sunday was born. Sure, we can’t be as spontaneous or as selfish with our time and money- but the work-to-reward ratio is so much greater with kids.  We often joke that Sunday is our little Ferrari- she requires a lot of maintenance, but when she’s working right (i.e. happy) she is the best!

So while I don’t miss the stress of doing our monthly round-ups, I do miss looking back at how much she’s changed each month and celebrating all her little mannerisms at each stage. So I’m going attempt to capture a little bit of  what Sunday is like half way between 1 and 2 (since so far my attempts to invent and ‘age-freezing’ serum has failed…).

  • Words she can say right now : kitty, “titty”= pretty, hi, buh-bye, shoe, “ox” = socks, baba= bottle, wawa= water, pzzz= please, no, yah, mama, daddy, baby, baa = book, gowa= go walk/ outside, car, where’dhego, herego, wazdat = what’s that?, papa= paw patrol, cheese, eye, teeth, toes, tickletickletickle, boo!, okaaaaay, seeya, isokaaaaay = it’s okay, ba = book, ball,
  • Animal noises she makes: woof, high pitched ooowwww= meow, bahhh, neigh, moo, sssss (for a snake), rawr for a dinosaur or a lion, quack quack, oo-oo-aah-aah= monkey
  • Body parts she can point to: hair, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, hands, belly button, and toes
  • She likes to suck on her pointer finger on one hand and twirl her hair with her hand when she needs to self-soothe (i.e. when I’m taking care of Quinn and she’s upset) or tired
  • She loves to play house- she is either gathering up bowls and random cans out of the pantry and “cooking” something, or wandering around with a stuffed animal and taking care of it like I do Quinn…but she’s always busy and it’s not really “playing” its more imitating what I do
  • She turns on the TV and brings us the remote when she wants to watch something. She also repeats “no, no, no, no, no, no” if we happen to incorrectly guess what show she wants to watch. And she doesn’t stop until we switch it haha.
  • She also likes to help me with tasks- she loves to play in the sink while I do dishes, play with measuring cups while I bake, pour water on Quinn while she’s in the tub, or throw away things for me when I ask. She’s my little shadow and I kind of love it.
  • She loves to play “goodbye”…which is her waving to us (which is her hand straight above her head and her opening and closing a fist) and saying buh-bye and blowing kisses while she walks to the front door while wearing our shoes haha. When she gets to the door she walks back over to us and does it all over again, and again, and again haha.
  • She babbles constantly. I pretty sure she’s convinced she can speak english- she talks to us with so much expression and intonation in her voice. She also loves to walk around “talking” on our phones (or any rectangle item that looks like a phone haha). I think we’re going to have quite the chatterbox when all those words finally get sorted out in her brain haha.
  • She naps about two hours in the afternoon…night times she sleeps through the night most of the time, but about once a week (sometimes more if it’s a bad week) she likes to wake up for no reason and just scream. And she likes to practice different kinds of screaming- the hyperventilating scream, the high pitched scream, the make my voice waver scream, the sad defeated sobbing scream….but as soon as we go in there she’s happy and just wants to play. Nothing is wrong with her…she just wants to scream for no reason. This is one of my least favourite parts of this age…
  • She loves to hunt for treasures- every day she walks around the house with her little basket, or bag, or bucket she finds and just fills it with household objects. Soap, snacks, my dirty socks, her toys…basically anything within reach. And all day she’ll just walk around and empty the basket and refill it over and over again. Then at the end of the day I clean out her basket and put everything away…just so she can restart again the next day.
  • She LOVES being an older sister- she is constantly trying to help me take care of Quinn. It is so sweet. She tries to shove the soother in her mouth when she’s crying (this can actually be quite helpful at times haha), she’ll sit and rub her head and say “shhhh” if she’s fussy, or if she’s crying in the car she’ll look over and say “isokaay, isokaay”, she likes to sit next to her on the floor and read her books, and she’s also trying to share her toys and snacks with Quinn haha. It makes my mama heart so happy.
  • Lately I call her “my little monkey”…it just seems to sum her up perfectly. So mischievous and curious, and so so endearing at the same time. She just wanders around looking at and getting into everything. Tanner and I kill ourselves watching her trying to resist the urge to look at something when we say no…eventually she just can’t resist and has to touch whatever was forbidden haha
  • She loves to use random items as phones (or steal our iPhones when we’re not looking) and walk around saying “hi”, “bye”, giggling, and babbling away
  • She points at her teeth and says “shhhhh” anytime Quinn is sleeping or crying. She actually fails to be quiet when Quinn is sleeping…but one step at a time lol
  • She’s just started singing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’…the words are actually all gibberish, but she has the tune and intonation down.
  • Speaking of singing, she also knows the actions to patty cake and itsy bitsy spider
  • She counts “one, two, weeeeee!!!!!”….I guess she just knows something exciting happens on three haha. She also just walks around counting “one, two, one, two, one, two”
  • We just set up the Christmas tree, and every morning it’s like she rediscovers it. She comes running into the family room and goes “wooooaaaaaahhhh” and then spends the rest of the day pulling off the ornaments and showing me the “ball”
  • When she wakes up from her nap, or in the mornings, she needs a little snuggle time. And it HAS to be on the couch…I secretly hopes she never grows out of this because I love it.

It feels like every day she develops some sort of new little mannerism and imitates or learns a new words. Even in the two weeks its taken for me to finish this post she’s changed. We love you our sweet 18 month old- thanks for making us laugh every day.

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