Goodbye 2017

DSC_0589Usually I get so excited about making goals and lists when it comes to the new year, however this week I’ve just been holding onto that lingering feeling that it’s still the holiday season. Tanner is back at work, but the girls and I have been packing up Christmas, spending time with family, and enjoying all their (and by their I mean Sunday’s) new toys. I’m actually really grateful to be getting back into our routine- holidays with babies seems to make everyone (and my everyone I mean me) more exhausted and stressed haha. I’m learning that mom-me is a big fan of schedules and routines.

However I have been enjoying that none of our regular playgroups and activities have started up yet- we’ve been spending a lot time just snuggling, hanging out, and sleep training Quinn (which knock-on-wood is actually going well). I’ve also had the chance to work on a 2017 photo book for our family…it’s given me the opportunity to reflect on how much happened this year. We’ve been so blessed this past year! I realized I don’t write little summaries of our year for our family Christmas cards…but if I did, here’s what it would say:

Courtney & Tanner: We spent the year checking a lot of boxes off the “we’re official grown-ups” list. Tanner finally applied for graduation and officially graduated with his Bachelor’s degree, we experienced house hunting together for the first time…and bought a house! We moved into our first home in July, and were met with the realities of being home owners (i.e. all the sudden all of your extra money and time goes into your house haha) and landlords (we’re renting out our basement suite). I grew a human, and on August 21st we welcomed the sweetest little spirit, Quinn Olivia, into our family. With her birth we officially joined the “2 under 2 club”. The rest of the year was spent settling into our new home and our new family.

Sunday: Sunday grew from being our tiny baby, into a full blown toddler. She mastered all the normal mile markers- walking, new words, becoming more independent- all with her adoring parents watching and proclaiming that she is the most brilliant little person to ever live. But seriously, her personality is so fun- she loves to be the centre of the party, knows how to turn on the charm when she wants something, loves animals, and loves to dance her heart out. The best part of her year was becoming a big sister to Quinn. Sunday LOVES to take care of her sister, and literally squeals with joy every morning when she sees her. She loves “nnNNnn” so much.

Quinn: Quinn joined our family and instantly blessed our home with her sweet personality. She has such a peacefulness about her…she instantly stole our hearts. As she’s grown we’ve seen that she truly is an easy going little person, and loves to smile at everyone. She loves to watch Sunday play and loves to coo at her. I can’t wait until they play together. Quinn grows every month and we love getting to know her personality more and more as the days go by.


Overall, we end this year grateful for our many blessings. We were able to get into our own home (a miracle unto itself) and we have two beautiful healthy daughters. We have had our share of trials- but at the end of the day we have been blessed beyond measure. We’re so grateful for Saviour Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father and the love and spirit of peace our family has been blessed thanks to them.

Happy New Year!

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