Quinn: Four month round-up [November 22- December 21]


I took you out shopping at some point this month all alone (i.e. without Sunday), and the cashier leaned over and with that adoring look all baby-admirers get, asked “how old?”. I responded “3 months”, and she quickly responded “well that is the best Christmas present you could get”. I got that big-ol obnoxiously-proud mom smile and just nodded vigorously. I hadn’t really thought about it that way since you were born in August, but oh my goodness you truly have been the most wonderful addition to our life this year. This past month in particular was so special with as a baby- you may have no clue that it’s the Christmas season, but I have loved preparing for it with your sweet spirit filling our home.

IMG_3196 2IMG_3198 3

^^Baking cookies with my sidekick

You are still a little blob-baby (what I like to call babies that still pretty much do what you want them to, and are pretty unaware of the world around them), but it seems like every day you grow and become more interested in what’s going on around you. This month you loved tracking me all the time- no matter where I moved in the room or who was holding you, you were constantly watching for me. As soon as I caught your eye you would break out in the best gummy smile. I’ve tried to keep you near as I’ve gotten ready for Christmas- usually in your swing, on your play mat, or in your bumbo- but no matter where I set you, you’re always observing and taking it all in.


^^Your first time meeting Santa. Naturally you had no clue what was going on, so you were very chill about the entire experience. Even though you don’t know what’s going on- this is my second Christmas in a row with a new baby and I just love how much more the Christmas story means to me as I take care of my own baby and imagine what Mary must have gone through. Thank you for bringing a special Christmas spirit into our home this year.

We’ve just started to try and solidify your sleeping schedule- and you’re doing amazing! You still sleep for unpredictable amount of times, but you’re doing really well at just falling asleep on your own and are adjusting to a regular bed time. Knock-on-wood- this whole sleep training thing is going pretty smoothly so far!

Since nursing has gone so well with you, I’ve been really hesitant to try pumping or giving you a bottle (since that really messed up my supply with Sunday)…so I just haven’t! The result has been that you are my little sidekick everywhere I go. You’ve gone to movies with mommy and daddy, I take you out on all my errands, and you join us for all our date nights. Lucky for us, you are such a happy-go-lucky baby and taking you out isn’t difficult at all. You just like to observe and smile at everyone.

IMG_6976You are the most chatty little thing! Even if no one is around you, you love to coo and squeal. You love to “chat” with people- and are starting to pretty consistently giggle too! We can usually convince you to giggle for us by lifting you up into the air, tickling you, and singing with you.


This month you’ve developed a love for fingers- you’re always chewing on your own, but you also love to grab and suck on whoever is holding you’s fingers. You’ve also become quite proficient at grabbing things. You love laying on your playmate and reaching for toys, or just grabbing whatever is near and chewing on it.

Lately when Sunday goes down for her afternoon naps, you and I have about an hour of alone time before it’s time for your nap. I love having these moments to snuggle you and smile and coo with you without interruption. You are just the happiest little baby and I feel so blessed to be your mama.

I absolutely love watching the relationship between you and Sunday change as you grow each month. Sunday continues to be obsessed with you…but is slowly learning you’re a little human too and not just a live doll. She loves to take care of you, and always wants to do what you’re doing, or help with whatever I’m doing with you. You two love to sit and smile and coo at each other, and you love to watch her play. You’re so patient with how rough she is with you, and rarely cry haha. I have to watch her pretty closely with you because she’s tried a few times to pick you or drag you somewhere by your arms haha. I know it’s only going to get more fun as you are moving into the age of learning how to play…for now watching you two coo at each other just melts my heart.


I don’t how to describe how perfectly you complete our little family. You just fit and we love how your sweet, peaceful little spirit blesses our home. I’m so grateful that you were sent to us little Quinnagain .

DSC_0456DSC_0465DSC_0481^^I took these picture for our Christmas card this year, and I just love these bloopers haha. They demonstrate your’s and Sunday’s relationship so perfectly. She tries to hard to take care of you…but is a little rough in the process. Meanwhile you are just chill and easy going- and just endure it haha.

DSC_0544DSC_0543DSC_0545DSC_0542DSC_0551Our sweet baby girl, Miss Quinn Olivia




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