Quinn: Five month round-up [December 22-January 21]


Well I feel bad, this month we did some sleep training. I basically was trying to get you on some sort of napping schedule. Up to this point you’ve been really good at napping-but it’s been all over the place, which is totally my fault for taking advantage of your newborn-ness and not altering our schedule too much and just letting you sleep on the go. But it was starting to feel necessary to put you on a schedule and ensure you’re getting enough sleep (it’s hard because you’re so easy going… you don’t complain much until you’re over tired and cranky…and then I feel bad). Anyways, the point of this rambling is I feel like I don’t have a ton of pictures of you this month! Between you pretty much always either sleeping or eating and the fact that when you were awake either your sister was being a terror or it was too dark to take a picture (dang winter…dang old house with yucky lights)… I just wasn’t as good about pulling out my camera and taking pictures of you! Which is unfortunate because seriously…you have the cutest little face, I literally just want to kiss you constantly. See… I was too busy kissing you and loving you to take pictures 😉 My neglect came from a place of love…

So long story long, you’re a great sleeper! You take 2 2-hr. naps a day, plus a short one in the evening, plus sleep for about 12 hours every night with only 0-1 feedings. You also are doing really great at just being put down awake, and falling asleep on your own (much to my chagrin because I don’t have as many sleeping pictures of you ;( )


This month you was your first Christmas! You had no idea what was going on… but you were a champ at all the unnecessary photo shoots we put you through and not getting too distraught with all the new noise in the house from Sunday’s new toys haha. But really, your dad and I had so much fun just spending the week between Christmas and New Years hanging out and snuggling you girls. You are seriously the sweetest little thing and we can’t get enough of you!

BTW your face in these pics we took on Christmas Eve just kill me! You’re seriously the cutest.


This month you’ve started really giggling at things! Sometimes it’s the most random things…but it’s so cute! Sunday really enjoys jumping around and waving her arms around trying to get you laugh…but honestly good ol tickles and peek-a-boo seem to do the trick just fine. Daddy’s silly noises are the best at getting belly laughs from you.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Random note: Daddy got a drone for Christmas and you love to follow it with your eyes and head. It’s funny to think that you two are just going to grow up with drone’s being a part of your lives. They were like something out of a sci-fi movie when were kids.

Because you’re still exclusively breastfed you continue to be our little buddy going everywhere with me. We took you to the new Star Wars this month (raising you right 😉 )…unfortunately you got gas in the middle of it and was quite upset. Daddy had to spend half the movie walking around with you outside…so I guess the days of you calmly sleeping through a movie are over. Ah well, now with you having a consistent bedtime daddy and I might even try leaving you with a babysitter this coming month!

You’ve started to get pretty good at rolling from your stomach to your back, and you really love chewing on your toys. Unfortunately your sister is a bully and likes to steal them from you…but don’t worry I’ve got your back! You love little stuffies and your Sophie the Giraffe.


You also love bath time- especially post bath time when you get to be naked. Actually, anytime you get fussy (which is rare) if we just take your clothes off and let you roll around in a diaper, you’re instantly happy. I think we have a little nudist in the making haha.


You and Sunday continue to develop the sweetest little relationship. Lately if you oneoif you needs a diaper change, I often just lie you both down next to each other and change both of you at the same time. You both usually turn your heads and just start smiling and babbling to each other. Sometimes you just sit and look at each other- and I just can’t help but feel so grateful you two are so close in age. While right now you seem light years apart developmentally, I know it’s going to be so fun to watch you grow up and go through life together.


^^ You’re going through a ‘stick out your tongue’ stage as well 😉


Your relationship with everyone in our family is just the sweetest. Tanner and I were just talking the other day about how fun you are going to be as you grow up- you are already so chill and happy, we can’t imagine how fun it is going to be see you learn to communicate and continue to explore the world. You are our little sweetheart Quinny-Pooh- oh how we love you!



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