Holiday Roundup//2017

IMG_5621 3

^^Heading to church on New Years Eve

So I’m trying to get our Christmas roundup done forever…but this month our house has been hit with colds and just day-to-day craziness, so I just haven’t quite got around to doing our traditional holiday roundup, but better late than never ;). Here’s a few highlights from our Christmas:

1.First Christmas in our new/own home!DSC_0583We took these pictures in front of our very own mantel on Christmas Eve. I had all these plans to decorate our home all-out for Christmas…but as I’m learning about plans and having small children is they often get foiled haha. I did decorate, but just minimally since Sunday pulled everything down anyways. But either way, it was so fun to celebrate the holidays in our own little home. Because we live close to family, we were able to do Christmas morning on our own and have lots of moments just our little family. I love knowing that this is where our children are going to grow up and make memories- and I take the responsibility to install a love for Christmas in our children very seriously 😉 So while this year they’re both too young to remember, Tanner and I will always remember how special our first year in our first home felt.

2. Our first Christmas as a family of fourfullsizeoutput_14e2Lots of ‘firsts’ this year haha. While we just had our ‘first Christmas as parents’ last year- we again celebrated a growing family this year. Again, our girls won’t remember this Christmas, but I love how their sweet relationship is growing, and it’s so fun to imagine them giggling and getting excited for future Christmas’ together. That said, I don’t want to rush time by- I actually loved how simple this Christmas was because neither of our children had expectations (or any clue that the day was different than any other haha). But the day felt special just holding my two girls and being so grateful their little souls are a part of our family.

3. Quinn’s first Christmas!


Another first! haha Quinn was such a little baby, she couldn’t even get excited about the lights or anything, but it was so fun to celebrate with her. She has such a sweet little spirit, she brought so much joy to our family this year. And while Sunday was off being her crazy, energetic self, I loved having my little Quinny-Pooh to snuggle.

4. Sunday sort-of getting into the holidays


^^ Sunday getting in the way while we’re trying to take Christmas Eve p.j. pics haha

Sunday really had no clue what was going on with Christmas…but she loved to pull ornaments off the tree, eat candy cane kisses (tinfoil included haha), rip open gifts (would sign ‘more, more’ when we were done….I’m kind of debating just wrapping her toys so she can just enjoy opening them haha), and being the centre of attention any time we were around family. I finally trained her to say ‘Santa’… and she could even point and identify him….but when it came to actually meet hime she wasn’t so sure lol


Like I keep saying- I’m excited for future holidays with the girls- but I don’t want to wish away how simple and sweet this season is. The girls don’t need much- all the hoop-la around the holidays is more for the adults than the girls…but it’s so fun to start traditions and enjoy being the one who creates Christmas magic for our family. It was so fun to see Sunday enjoying a little bit of the Christmas season.

5. Being Santa’s helpers & Christmas morning


^^Tanner assembling Sunday’s kitchen (he did in under 2 hours…and was quite proud of that haha)

I know this is ridiculous, but I barely slept on Christmas Eve, I was so excited about Christmas with our girls. I knew Sunday was just going to love her play kitchen and I couldn’t wait to see her reaction.


Her reaction was hilarious. I went and got her out of her crib…and she was her normal morning self wanting to be held. As soon we walked out into the living room, she jumped down and ran over to her pile and yelled “woooooowww”. We were so excited thinking she loved her kitchen…but then just picked up her stocking and played with it. Mind you her stocking has been around the house for about a month now and she plays with it all the time haha. After she got over the excitement of her stocking we showed her the kitchen and THEN she got excited about it haha. It was just so funny how she completely ignored it at first.

DSC_0650^^Quinn’s loot 😉


I really love the parent-side of Christmas :).  After opening our gifts we got to FaceTime with my sister who is currently serving and LDS mission in Quebec. It was seriously a highlight of the day!  Christmas 2017 will always hold a special place in my heart!


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