Valentine’s Day 2018

About a month ago I was at self-checkout in Walmart when a cashier approached me and told me if I took this stuffed bear that was sitting in a basket nearby into the photo centre we would “win” a free photo shoot.

A week later, I dressed up the girls thinking these would qualify as ‘Valentine’s Day’ pictures. I was unsure that it would even be worth trying because the last time we took family pictures, it was difficult to get Sunday to pose for pictures…let alone throwing Quinn into the mix haha. It turned out pretty much exactly how I expected haha…but I’m actually really grateful we had the pictures taken because the photographer still managed to get a few cute pictures of the girls…and the stories behind them are hilarious.



^^At first Sunday refused to pose in the photo studio, so the photographer snuck taking these pictures as she ran around exploring everything in sight.


^^ Sunday insisted on carrying each of these kid’s chairs in from the lobby. Only THEN would she sit and pose for photos haha. She also insisted that they were in a very straight line….AND that she do it all herself. Miss Independent this girl.


^^ I’m obsessed with Sunday’s hair colour lately. When she was born, we couldn’t figure out what colour her hair was…but as she’s gotten older it’s developed into this unique blonde with a hint of red in certain light. She just gets more beautiful every day. I love this sweet girl so, so much.


^^The photographer must have thought Quinn was older than she is, because she was a little surprised that she couldn’t sit up yet haha. So this was pretty much the only pose we got out of her…but I’m so happy she managed to capture her little smile!


^^Trying to get a pictures of Sunday and Quinn together turned out equally hilarious. We tried having Quinn hold Sunday in her lap…I thought it didn’t work, but the photographer managed to get at least one good one haha.


^^Then the photographer suggest we have Quinn lay on top of Sunday. This turned out to be golden. Sunday absolutely loved it (she had a tantrum when we told her we were done haha). I ended up loving these pictures the most…I love the way Sunday is looking at Quinn. I’ve probably only mentioned it a time or 8,000,000, but I love watching the relationship between these girls grow.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

On the 13th Tanner brought home roses for me and a balloon “boon” for Sunday. Tanner and I got all dressed up and went out for a late dinner after the girls were in bed. It was so fun to go out without any little people. I know the majority of this blog/my instagram revolve around our girls…but I love this man so much. I’m so grateful for everything he does for our family, and how well he takes care of us girls. He is loving, kind, and forgiving when I’m not so great at handling raising our girls haha. I’m so grateful he chose me to be his forever valentine.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

^^Valentine’s night I made us a fancy dinner (i.e. dinner was on the table when Tanner walked through the door haha). It was almost romantic, except for the children screaming around us haha. It was fun though, and we tried to end the night a family selfie. I guess I need to accept that in the near future “perfect” pictures don’t exist… however imperfect pictures capturing memories certainly do. Happy Valentine’s Day- I sure do love the three people that make up my little family.


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