Quinn: Six month round-up [January 22- February 21]


I’ll have to go back and look, but I’m pretty sure I lost steam on Sunday’s monthly updates right around this age as well haha. Of course, I had the excuse that I was pregnant, which is NOT the case this time around. But I have been busy with school, several boughts of sickness have run their course in our house, and just the day to day craziness. I’m going to try and catch up in sequential order so at least everything is in order looking back haha… so to start, here’s little Quinny-Pooh at 6 months!


At six months Quinn and Sunday’s naps didn’t quite align, so Quinn and I would usually get a little time in the afternoons just one-on-one. I LOVE nap time as much as the next mom- but I’m grateful for those moments we got to spend just staring at each other and bonding.


At six months we officially moved Quinn out of our room and into her own room. She did so well with sleep training, I was worried the shift from places was going to throw it off- but of course like the easy going chill baby that she is, it didn’t even phase her. She’s even started to *mostly* sleep through the night (just wakes up around 5 for a feed, before sleeping for a couple more hours). Which is AMAZING and life-changing for me haha.

DSC_0788DSC_0794One of Quinn’s signature things is the “smile with the soother in”. She can seriously dole out the biggest, gummiest smiles, all while keeping her soother in! It’s so funny, and people comment on it all the time haha. I guess she’s had to learn how to since she’s such a smiley baby!


Her little personality continues to just shine through more and more. She was such a sweet, quiet little newborn. And while she’s still so sweet and easy going, she’s also getting pretty feisty. She loves to blow raspberries, loves to giggle,  loves bath time, wakes up happy, is starting to sit and roll, and is just so loveable.

Sunday loves Quinn SO much. Lately when I change their diapers I just change both of them at the same time. Sunday loves to hold Quinn’s hand- and then the two of you just start to coo and giggle at each other. It’s the sweetest and makes my mama heart happy.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetIMG_3632

I got these fake glass for Sunday for Valentine’s day, and she loves to wear them, but she also loves to put them on Quinn haha. I think Quinn looks so funny/ adorable wearing them!


These pictures below make me feel like I’m getting a glimpse of years to come. Even though Quinn is so little and doesn’t have much say in what’s going on- I can just picture them cuddling and giggling in the future and taking many a pictures like this of them together. I love watching them develop their own little relationship.


You are such a little sweetheart Quinn. I still can’t believe how quickly the first 6 months of your life have passed by. You have been the easiest baby, and while I love watching your personality emerge and see you learning new skills and gaining independence, I’m already missing our hours of snuggling when you were newborn. You’re sweet little spirit just fills our home with love and peace. You fit so perfectly in our family, we love you!



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