Quinn: Seven month round-up [February 22- March 21]


At seven months Quinn is still the most content, chill little baby. We’ve worked really hard on her sitting skills, and although she’s still quite wobbly she’s starting to get it! She isn’t showing any interest in crawling/scooting, but she is starting to use her rolling skills to fetch toys once in a while. My theory is that Quinn is just too happy and content to really have any motivation to move haha.


Quinn LOVES her jolly jumper though! Even more than she loves her jolly jumper, Sunday loves to try and swing her and bounce her even higher…so we reserve jolly jumper time for during Sunday’s naps haha.


^^I’m so in love with her little profile

Quinn loves Sunday so much! Every time Sunday walks in the room Quinn squeals and giggles. I love seeing how young babies can recognize family/loved ones and even though they use so much body language to express how they feel. When Sunday walks in the room Quinn just exudes excitement and joy…I love how much they love each other.

Quinn doesn’t fall asleep in my arms very often. We had/have so many problems with Sunday’s sleep we were very strict when it came to sleep training Quinn and putting her down still awake…the result is that she’s awesome at going to sleep in a dark room by herself, but never really falls asleep snuggling. I cherish the moments she does fall asleep in my arms, and every time it happens I fear it will be the last! I just love studying her perfect little face and feeling the weight of her little body in my arms


Quinn has also become the best eater ever! We’ve tried introducing solids to her on top of purees and she just chows it all down! There have been a few flavours of baby food she doesn’t care for but other than that she devours everything we give her…and it’s showing! Her little baby thighs are getting so chunky and adorable!


Quinn also loves to be roughhoused with, tickled, kissed, and snuggled. She will attack me with a big open mouth, which I interpret to be kisses haha. She loves to coo and smile (and blow raspberries) at everyone. She is seriously happy all. the. time. Have I mentioned what a good baby she is? haha


Just when I can’t think she can get any sweeter…she does. Happy 7 months Quinn!

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