Easter 2018

Quinn’s first Easter!

I have a tendency to build things up in my mind. Like holidays. I always think they’re going to be these crazy affairs…but with little kids that don’t know any different…they’re not. I also have a tendency to want to make it a big affair…but with two little kids…well that often doesn’t happen. So, I’m sorry Quinn. You’re first Easter was pretty chill. The good news is you’ll never remember.


Tanner’s cousin, his wife and their little boy, who is only a month younger than Sunday, were passing through town on Saturday. Tanner’s mom decided to set up and Easter Egg hunt for Sunday and him. She went all out and got these massive eggs (to ensure their little eyes could see them) and filled them with little toys, smarties, and the ultimate prize- Paw Patrol fruit snacks.

The kids did really well and Sunday actually seemed to get the point of the Easter Egg hunt. However, she also was very particular about all the eggs she picked up fitting in her basket. The eggs were big, and the basket was small, and the result was exactly how you imagine an almost-two-year-old would handle it. So we had to follow her around and discretely try to pull out eggs of her basket to make room for more.


Easter came super early this year (end of March), so it was still pretty chilly outside. Grandma Sherwood bought the girls really cute Easter dresses…and I had every intention of taking pictures of them in them. But they were short sleeved, so we couldn’t take them outside to take pictures. And then it was General Conference weekend, so we didn’t actually get dressed up for church. And we have afternoon church this year…so every Sunday after that someone is either napping or screaming because they’re not napping…so Sunday photoshoots don’t happen…So short story made long…there is no photo evidence of said dresses. But the girls wore them, and they were cute.


^^ Sunday always has Quinn’s back

On Easter Sunday we had General Conference. So it was a chill, stay in your pyjamas all day kind of day. I got the girl’s some books and little toys and filled their Easter baskets. Quinn couldn’t care less. Sunday enjoyed all her toys until, like the cheap toys from China that they are, they broke and we had to pry them out of her stubborn little toddler fingers and throw them away before someone got hurt or choked. I did get the girls these cute wooden cameras off of Amazon…Quinn thought they were delicious, but Sunday picked her up and immediately started “taking pictures” and making a little clicking noise every time she “takes a picture”. It’s adorable…


Also Quinn…this is the only picture I got of your on your first Easter…I’m sorry. Next year I promise to pose you guys and take as many obnoxious pictures as you’ll let me 😉


Also one last picture…her little eye…it kills me. Happy (very belated) Easter everyone!


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