Our family happy place


Tanner bought a drone in April, and so we’ve been looking for excuses to get out and find places he can fly it. The first time we took it out as a family was to a beach about 10 minutes from our house. The beach is unique because although it’s physically close to town, it’s also kind of isolated from the city, so when you’re out there you can’t hear any city noises, or even see any of the city. It’s become a spot Tanner and I like to go walk around, and now it’s fun to take our kids here.


^^I love her wild, wispy hair and rosy cheeks. She was just so happy throwing rocks into the lake…and I was happy to hold on to her leash to prevent her getting soaking wet haha


^^Blueberries on the beach


^^We skipped Quinn’s nap thinking she would fall asleep in the carrier…but she’s more like her sister than we give her credit and her FOMO kept her awake the whole time. So she was exhausted, but very curious about the sand.


So excited for all the little adventures we can have as a family as the weather gets warmer! And Tanner’s excited to capture it all with drone haha

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