Quinn: 8 month round-up [March 22- April 21]

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Every single month after your “monthly photoshoot”, I think that these are the cutest pictures of you ever! Every month you just get sweeter and sweeter, and even though I think it’s not possible, you get cuter and cuter! Your big blue eyes and cheeseball smile make everyone who dares make eye contact with you smile!

^^First time riding in the cart at a store. Very important when it comes to joining the big kid world with Sunday.

You got your first tooth (and your second shortly after) this month. Also I’m learning when you teeth you play with your tongue a lot haha. Besides that, you’re a very easy teether…I think we gave you Tylenol once, and you’ve gotten a little more clingy. But other than that I hardly even notice your little teeth popping through.


You and Sunday kill me. You’re always making each other giggle and smile. You sit together at snack times, and this month you started joining Sunday in the tub. I know I’m a broken record…but I love watching you two play together and love one another…it’s literally the sweetest part of motherhood right now.

^^It will be a sad day when my camera roll isn’t full of sleeping pictures

You’re becoming such a little ham. We’re always talking about how sweet you are…but sweet does not necessarily mean calm or quiet haha. You love to squeal, laugh, jump up and down, and just give the biggest smiles. Seriously, anyone who looks at you gets a big grin. I’m always getting comments at the store or at church about what a happy baby you are…and I can’t disagree. You’re seriously the best.

You’ve become a serious food monster…like you will eat anything we put in front of you. I don’t know how you do it with just two little teeth..but steak, chicken, fruit and veggies..you get it all in somehow. Literally you eat more than Sunday at some meals haha.

You’re sitting and rolling around no problem…but you’ve shown zero interest in moving whatsoever. No sign of crawling or scooting. So different from Sunday haha.


^^We told Sunday to take a picture with you and this is the pose she picked haha

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

^^We have a picture of Sunday in this exact same dress, in this exact same spot, around the same age. It’s so fun to compare and see how different you two look.

^^My little buddy while Sunday runs around us in her busy, toddler world


^^I seriously never, ever, ever get tired of kissing your face.

I love that you’re growing and becoming so fun. But you are my baby and I’m not ready to let go of that. I kind of like that you’re not moving around yet…it let’s me hold on to the delusion that you’re still a newborn ;).


Happy 8 months little one!

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