Mother’s Day 2018

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^^ I like to pretend this is what motherhood looks like… but let’s be honest, it usually looks like this…

I feel like especially lately I’ve had a lot of days where I just feel bone tired. Someone calls out in the morning, and I wake up feeling like I didn’t get any sleep and I need at least 10 more hours of sleep before I’ll have the energy to get through the day. I don’t really have any excuse…both girls sleep through the night generally (Sunday still likes to startle us awake every few nights screaming bloody murder for no reason…she’s our difficult sleeper)…but generally we have a pretty good thing going on right now.

The truth is I feel like I don’t really need an excuse to feel tired…that’s just motherhood. And while I dream of days where I actually felt like I had energy… I love life right now. The rhythm and routine of motherhood makes me happy. I know it’s silly- but I get a lot of joy out of simple things like going to the park, packing snacks and lunches up for the girls, running errands with my kids sitting in the cart smiling at me, jamming to Disney music while we drive around town, and laying and floor giggling at whatever thing makes the girls giggle. oh and I really love sitting on couch snuggling with Sunday and reading stories…that’s our happy place right now.

I know as soon as our sleep issues work themselves out, our kids will be in another phase where sleep is good but another part of life is hard. That’s just the way it is- each phase has good parts and hard parts. But motherhood in general, motherhood is good. I know to anyone else I probably come across as the same old me… but I feel like a different person than that person that first held Sunday in her arms (almost) two years ago. Motherhood is (slowly) helping me become the best version of myself. I’m so grateful that Heavenly Father has let me experience this beautiful, messy part of life.

Happy mothers day.


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