Quinn: 9 month round-up [April 22- May 21]


It’s true what all those seasoned parents say about every kid being so different. Sunday started walking at 9.5 months… at this age Quinn is very content to just sit haha. She can spin in a very quick circle on her belly…but has not figured out scooting or anything yet. I’m not sad about it…it’s just SO different than our experience with Sunday haha.


Quinn got her two bottom teeth this month and they are the cutest. So far she has proven to be THE easiest teether of all time *knock on wood* and I barely even noticed them coming in! She was maybe a little clingier but that’s about it.


Quinn loves, loves, loves her sister. Sunday and I have a ritual whenever Quinn wakes up (in the morning or after naps) of going into Quinn’s room together and saying “good morning Quinn”. Quinn and Sunday just squeal and giggle together. Actually, Quinn pretty much squeals and giggles anytime she sees Sunday, it’s so sweet!


^^ Our little Cinco de Mayo dresses from Auntie Kenia!


Quinn has loves to splash in the tub… she scoots herself on her bum till she’s right next to Sunday and then splashes like crazy haha. She’s actually so aggressive we told Sunday she doesn’t have to bathe with Quinn if she doesn’t want to…and some nights she chooses not to haha. But seriously, I think we have a little water baby on our hands.


^^Tanner and I were asked to lead a workshop at our church’s yearly youth camp one weekend. It was being held about 2 hours away from our house, so we decided to make a weekend of it. We left Sunday with grandma, but took Quinn with us. It was fun being able to spend more one on one time with our baby…and even took Quinn into a hot tub for the first time!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Quinn also learned how to clap her hands this month and it’s sweetest! It’s so strange, with Sunday I feel like I worked so hard to get her to learn how to do things…with Quinn it’s like “oh you learned how to do that already?” haha. She just started clapping her hands and I was like, well that just happened haha.


^^ Couldn’t get through a month without some sleeping pictures. I think we sleep trained Quinn a little too well, because she will not fall asleep in my arms EVER! She has to be put in a crib. Which makes me a little sad (but also really grateful because she’s such a great sleeper) so I have to get my fill of sleeping pictures by sneaking in while she’s napping haha.

The weather is finally getting nice enough we’re starting to have some outdoor adventures on the regular! Quinn was afraid of swings at first…but nows loves them. She likes boating, but hates the life jacket (can’t blame her), and since she’s not mobile, she’s the easiest baby every because she mostly just sits, smiles, and watches everyone (and eats…she’s really good at eating ).

Quinn’s sweet, happy little personality just continues to fill our home. I don’t know how many times Tanner and I end our days talking about what  little sweetheart she is. We feel so blessed to be her parents.


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